The Best New War Games of 2020

#2 Call of Duty Warzone

The battle royale game genre has been quite popular over the years and the trend is not slowing down anytime soon. It seems like every developer is hoping to get a smash hit battle royale game out into their market of their own. While there is always an influx of new games to try, certain franchises and development studios will get some interest immediately. In this case, is happened to be Call of Duty. Fans knew that there was some kind of battle royale game mode in the works and when it was finally unveiled, it turned out to not only be a game mode but a free-to-play title for fans to jump into.

Using the mechanics from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, gamers are able to go through this game using a variety of options. Everything from solo gameplay to working with a team is available, where players are ultimately diving into a massive open-world map. Just like other games from the genre, the map slowly shrinks in size and it sends players closer together in a showdown to see who comes out on top. Likewise, if you happen to get out sooner than you had hope then you have a chance in surviving a 1v1 battle where the winner gets a second chance at the game. This feature is available for players until a certain number of players are left in the game so you can’t rely on it after you start getting close to the end of the match.

#1 Halo Infinite

The Halo series has been around since the original Xbox and it’s been one of Microsoft’s biggest exclusive IPs. 343 Industries have been working hard on their next installment into the market since Halo 5: Guardians, however, we’ve been waiting a long while for some gameplay footage. We’ve seen this game showcased and teased over the past couple of years and in fact, E3 2019 we got the first big cinematic trailer where Microsoft claimed gameplay footage was going to be showcased during E3 2020. That particular event was cancelled but in Microsoft’s Xbox Series X July stream we finally got some gameplay footage.

The footage looked like it takes place shortly after the cinematic trailer we saw during E3 2019. Master Chief is once again on a fight to save humanity and it looks like most of humanity has fallen leaving players as mainly the last effort attempt to reclaim their world. Just like the past installments, the gameplay looks to be action-packed with a wide range of weapons, vehicles, and in this particular installment, a large open world to explore. So far there is only a release window of 2020, although we imagine it will launch alongside the Xbox Series X.