The Best New War Games of 2020

#6 Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Quarantine

Tom Clancy titles are pretty popular and Ubisoft really nailed a competitive shooter with the launch of Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege. Now we know that there is a slightly different take on the franchise with Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Quarantine where it looks like the developer took some inspiration from the Outbreak event in Siege that happened a while back. This time around, we’re seeing a tactical highly trained operative group take on an alien parasite that is quick to infect humans. A lot of this game right now is still very much in the dark, we’ve seen it showcased during Ubisoft’s E3 2019 expo and it’s really been under the radar since.

We know that another Ubisoft Forward event is planned for September 2020, so perhaps this game will get some type of a showcase such as more of the premise or actual gameplay. We could even see this game get pushed back into 2021 so you might not actually get a chance to try this game out just yet.

#5 Crossfire X

Crossfire is actually a pretty old game at this point. It released back in 2007 and while it has a market full of players, there is a new installment in the works called Crossfire X. It’s essentially a remake and a sequel where players are not only going to get the online competitive multiplayer that the title was originally known for but also a storyline campaign as well.

Helping out with the single-player component of the title for Smilegate is Remedy Entertainment, the same folks that brought out titles like Alan Wake and their more recent hit, Control. We know that this game is also set to be free in 2020 later this year and during the July 2020 Xbox event, we received a brand new trailer. We’re still waiting on the release date for the game but it looks like it will hit the market alongside the launch of the upcoming Xbox Series X. As mentioned, this game is quite popular overseas and maybe by bringing the video game title over into the Western markets, we could see the title release to be just as popular as its initial launch over a decade ago.

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