The Best New War Games of 2020

#4 Call of Duty 2020

Okay so here’s a point that we can’t really comment on too much as the game hasn’t been even officially revealed. Here’s the thing, we know a new Call of Duty video game title is coming out, there’s been plenty of leaks and rumors that pop up online and it would appear that this next entry will be in the Black Ops franchise. Of course, nothing official has been unveiled yet, so while we wait for its official trailer and premise, let us know what you personally hope to see in this next Call of Duty video game title.

#3 Gears Tactics

If you enjoy the Gears games then you may be interested in a new take on the franchise. Instead of a third-person cover-based shooter that the series has been known for, The Coalition brought out a different spin-off installment called Gears Tactics. Throwing players into an isometric view, you’ll get a turn-based tactical strategy war game where you’ll once again have to fight off the locust horde. This is even a great starting point to those that have not played the Gears of War games as this installment takes place prior to the events of the first game.

The game features a cast of characters that offer some unique attributes that may ultimately help plan out your next attack. After all, some enemies provide some different attacks such as creating a poisonous gas bubble that would make traversing through a section of the level difficult without properly disposing of the enemy or bypassing them completely. Furthermore, this game is available now which you can view more of our thoughts on the title in the video embedded above.

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