The Best New War Games of 2020

War games are always a big seller and a fun way to learn about certain events or get a somewhat unique experience. Other times its a fictional take on a futuristic setting filled with alien battles and humanity looking to survive. Whatever the case may be, it’s clear that there is usually a ton of these games releasing into the market every year. We’re going to throw out some of our favorites that have either released already this year or are slated to launch sometime before 2021 hits. Just like with any list, this isn’t definitive, as it’s just some of our favorite titles or anticipated releases. With that said, let us know your favorite war games launching this year.

#10 Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond

It’s been a good little minute since we got a Medal of Honor game and it’s probably for a good reason. The last reboot didn’t really pan out all that well, but this next iteration we have some hope it will be a decent release. Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond is a VR game and it comes from a pretty solid video game development studio, Respawn Entertainment. These guys have been on fire lately with the launch of Apex Legends, Titanfall, and most recently, Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order.

Now their attention is on a VR game which will be their fist and one set in World War 2. We’ve seen some footage for the game so far and it looks rather enticing. Players have the ability to throw knives, grenades, fire some realistic-looking weapons, and of course, it’s bound to have some big cinematic moments. Add in the fact that you’ll have some pretty immersive gameplay thanks to the VR component then this game should have players eager to try it out when it launches later this year.

#9 Wasteland 3

While maybe a reach, Wasteland is still a fantastic RPG series that offers some old school PC gameplay. It’s clear that this is a mature game as you’re tossed into the snowy Colorado mountains where you’re training new survivors, setting up a base, and ultimately just trying to survive the days as they come. While you’re not really fighting much of a war with people, you’re more or less fighting for survival through the harsh elements. With that said, you can still expect some tactical squad-based combat from time-to-time. Furthermore, depending on the decisions you make, you will see the storyline alter a bit making it quite a consequence heavy narrative throughout.

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