Ghost of Tsushima: Players Are Bowing To Spawn Frogs, Fish, Fireflies & More | Easter Eggs Guide

Ghost of Tsushima presents an authentic vision of 13th century Japan — and adds a little mythological wonder. You’ll explore mystical forests, check out haunted graveyards, and collect relics of your ancestors to help fight back the invading Mongol Horde. It’s all grounded in a video game reality, but you can also make some magical stuff happen with a simple bow.

In Ghost of Tsushima, you can bow by command. You can do this to show respect for the dead and gain some unique dialogue from the main character Jin, or you can bow in other random spots for a special effect. Players are bowing at everything, and the effects are different depending on the location — what we do know is that; if you see a little wooden sign with a bowing gesture, you should bow. Something cool will happen if you do.

Let’s take a look at what some players have found so far.

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Bowing Easter Eggs

Shrine frogs. You have to bow to activate it. Ribbit! from r/ghostoftsushima

One of the first areas we discovered doesn’t actually have a signpost telling you to bow — so signs aren’t the only places to bow after all. If you spot strange shrines or statues, it’s a good idea to bow at those too!

For this bowing Easter egg, we traveled to the cliff path that (eventually) leads to the Isonade Coast Island. There’s a frog statue along the way — if you bow to this statue, a swarm of frogs will appear.

If you ever see a sign that say’s to Bow… Do It, it so cool they added something like this to the game. from r/ghostoftsushima

And there’s a whole lot more! Another player discovered three more of these bowing Easter eggs — one at the pier, where a swarm of fish jump out of the water. There’s also a forest shrine, where bowing causes a fireflies to appear all around you. And finally there’s a signpost at the beach that summons an army of crabs.

There are probably even more of these little Easter eggs sights. Do they do anything for Jin’s war against the invaders? No, not really. But they’re a cool little addition — and who knows, maybe bowing will reward you with something good down the line. We’ll just have to wait and see what else Ghost of Tsushima is hiding on its island.