Deadly Premonition 2: Where To Find All Animal Types | Sidequests Guide

To make money in Deadly Premonition 2, which you’ll totally need for all those bowling challenges, you can visit the police station and take on tasks for the residents of Le Carre. They’ll ask you to hunt squirrels, bees, and other random critters that are seemingly terrorizing the town. The strange part is — these missions are really vague. Many players wonder where they’re supposed to go, or how they’re meant to find the animals in question.

The exterminator sidequests are actually a lot easier than they seem. It sounds like you’re meant to hunt specific animals, but any animal will do. If a family asks you to stop a squirrel from eating them out of house-and-home, you just need to go find a squirrel and blast it with your tranquilizer gun. It’s super simple, and one of the many ways you can earn money, which you’ll need to pass certain gates in the storyline.

Here, I’m going to explain where to find all the different animal types in Deadly Premonition 2. There aren’t that many, so it won’t take long. Consider this a PSA.

Where To Find All Animal Types | Exterminator Quest Locations Guide

Exterminator quests are located on the job board in the Police Station. These are simple quests that can help you earn money between story missions. To complete them, simply use your tranquilizer gun to shoot the different animal types.

You don’t need to hunt specific animals. You just need to find the type of animal listed and shoot it. Animals always spawn in similar locations, and here’s where you can find all animal types.

  • Animal Type Locations | Where To Find Each Animal
    • Squirrels spawn near houses / trees in the neighborhood.
    • Dogs spawn in and outside the parks.
    • Bee hives spawn in trees outside the graveyard area, and around the connecting park.
    • Alligators spawn near the water or in / around the swamp shore.

No need to find a specific animal or location. If you’ve got an animal hunting quest, just go tranquilize any animal that matches your quest. It sounds weird, but everything is weird and kind of janky in Deadly Premonition 2.