10 Lamest Final Boss Fights In Video Game History

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Lucien [Fable 2]

Fable 2 is all smoke and mirrors. The evil villain Lord Lucien awaits your character at the top of Brightwood Tower, and he doesn’t even put up a fight. When you confront this towering figure that’s ruined your life and killed your dog — you just shoot him. If you wait too long, you don’t even get to shoot him! Your companion Reaver will do it for you.

After blasting the bad guy, you get a choice of three endings and that’s that. I guess in a way, this is basically no different than Mass Effect 3, but nobody really expected a final boss in that game. Actually, I might’ve made a big mistake. Maybe Mass Effect 3 belongs on this list.

Walker [Ghost Recon: Breakpoint]

One of the weirdest fights on this list, Walker is the commander of a mercenary army that’s taken control of a high-tech company’s island. He’s played by the Punisher himself, John Bernthal, and he’s the sole interesting thing about the entire game. Sadly, his final confrontation is just as anticlimactic and janky as everything else in this very half-baked game.

What makes this fight totally lame? First, you can unlock Walker’s location at almost any point in the game. It’s even possible to get it at the very beginning by interrogating enemies. The game has a weird system where soldiers can be different power levels, and depending on your guns you’ll do more / less damage. Headshots still kill instantly, no matter what level you are. So, you can find and kill Walker before anything happens in the game, at any level! That’s kind of awesome — if you kill him, he doesn’t appear in any of the future cutscenes — but it’s also kind of extremely lame. I want a dramatic battle! Is that so much to ask?

Those are our picks for insanely disappointing final bosses in games. This is one category that could fill 10 lists — let us know all about your least favorite boss fights!