10 Lamest Final Boss Fights In Video Game History

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The Destroyer [Borderlands 1]

The first Borderlands had a serious boss problem. After hunting down the secret vault location on Pandora, the Vault Hunters open the gate, and a giant cyclopean beast called the Destroyer emerges from within. With an awesome Lovecraftian look, we were hyped to fight this tentacle-and-eyeballs beast. Too bad the fight is really, really easy. Like, absurdly easy.

If anyone tells you this fight is difficult in any way, that person is a liar. The boss can barely fight back. You’ll win before you know it! Destroyer? It’s barely the Damager!

Gearbox has really improved the bosses in all the Borderlands games after this. Even the DLC for Borderlands 1 has fun bosses that are far more difficult and impressive than this guy.

Image Source: [1]

Dracula [Castlevania 2]

Dracula, the Vampire Lord of the Demon Castle, typically features in awesome final boss battles. They’re challenges that only the most persistent players will ever overcome in the classic games. Almost every Castlevania game ends with Dracula and his many ghastly forms. It’s tradition!

That’s what makes Castlevania 2 so special — in a bad way. We all know the game ain’t great, but Dracula is a complete joke. With Holy Water, you can defeat Dracula before he even moves off his pedestal. It’s very rare that we get final bosses that are this easy — especially when they’re meant to be a boss fight! Castlevania 2 is just one legendarily botched sequel. The game is so glitchy, even the last boss is a glitch.

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