10 Lamest Final Boss Fights In Video Game History

343 Guilty Spark [Halo 3]

Look, we all hate that little freak 343 Guilty Spark. He was our enemy from the first Halo game, and we’ve just been waiting for a reason to blast his shiny metal tuchus. The final encounter with Guilty Spark is pretty pathetic — he’s basically just a shielded Sentinel enemy that you can’t hurt until a dying Johnson helps by supplying good ol’ Master Chief with a Spartan Laser. Your old pal Johnson dies (What is this, the third time he’s died?) and the Guilty Spark is destroyed.

Maybe I shouldn’t be complaining. Guilty Spark was a huge nerd, and it’s not like boss battles are a staple of Halo games. It’s just a very weird encounter all around. Maybe it was supposed to be pathetic? In that case, the devs at Bungie pulled it off.

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The Sentinel [Time Shift]

Time Shift is a fun little FPS that really doubles down on the time-powers. You don’t just slow down time, you can also completely reverse time to undo actions, or speed things up. It’s an all-around above-average game, but the final encounter leaves a whole lot to be desired for one simple reason; You never even confront the bad guy!

Well, that isn’t totally true. During the entire game, the villain (a plagiarist rival scientist) rides around on his walking headquarters called the Sentinel. This thing is truly massive — it’s like a building on legs. And you’ll sort-of fight it at the end. Instead of boarding the thing like you might do in a normal game, you’ll use ground-based weapons to destroy it from a mile away in a pretty basic fight. When you bring the whole giant robot down, you don’t feel relief. It’s more like confusion. I was shocked the game was already over!

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