Sea of Thieves: How To Activate The Fort Of The Damned Event | Best Loot, Rep & Gold Guide

Sea of Thieves is available for everyone on Steam this week, and if you’re a new player looking for activities to take on, the Fort of the Damned is one of the best — and most secretive — in the game. This special event can only be activated by dying six times in a variety of different hilarious ways. It’s a weird way to earn lots of gold, reputation, and some of the best loot in the game.

Basically, it’s great even for starting players. Sea of Thieves is a very weird sandbox game — you can’t level up your ship, you just collect items, earn gold for your particular pirate, and raise ranks in the various organizations on the starter island!

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How To Activate The Fort Of The Damned Event

The Fort of the Damned is a challenging skeleton-infested den located in the center of the map — and it has the best loot in the game. If you want to increase your gold coffers, booster your reputation, and earn powerful loot, the Fort of the Damned is a great place to start.

To activate the event, you’ll have to die in a variety of different ways — when you die, you’ll travel to the afterlife where you can interact with a lantern. You need to collect six special lantern flame colors by dying in specific ways. When you die, raise the lantern before respawning.

  • 6 Death Methods – Raising The Lanterns At The Well of Fates:
    • Green Flame: Die at the hands of any skeleton type.
    • Red Flame: Burn to death by flames.
    • Blue Flame: Get eaten by a shark.
    • White Flame: Killed by lightning in a sea storm.
    • Purple Flame: Succumb to poison damage by snakes.
    • Pink Flame: Get murdered by any other player.

You’ll appear with a lantern holding the matching flame in the afterlife. Use the lantern on the well to raise up the light — complete all six on the same server, and you’ll have one more step to complete. You’ll need to acquire a Ritual Skull.

  • How To Get A Ritual Skull:
    • Ritual Skulls are dropped by Skeleton Ships — look for a ship in the clouds that marks their location!
    • You can also earn one by completing a Voyage sold by the Duke. You’ll only get one of these voyages per month.

Once you have all the items, travel to the Fort of the Damned in the center of the map. Travel to the entrance chamber and light all six statue flames, then place the ritual skull in the center. Once you finish the ritual, the event will begin!

Unique skeletons will attack that match the different colors of flame — you need to raise the flame colors to do damage to the matching skeleton type. You can only raise one lantern at a time, so you’ll need to swap lanterns often. Defeat all the incoming waves, and then the boss will spawn. To easily take care of the boss, just retreat back toward your ship and use your cannons to take it out.

For all your work, you’ll get a bunch of loot. This is the best way to earn gold, get items, and earn rep. You’ll also need a dedicated team to do it right, but it isn’t too tough once you know what you’re doing.