Sony and Naughty Dog Accused of Using Cover Rendition of True Faith from Seattle-Based Singer and Songwriter

Seattle-based singer and songwriter Anna-Lynne Williams has taken to Twitter to claim that Naughty Dog and Sony has not credited her for her cover of ‘True Faith’.

If you’re not aware, Sony and Naughty Dog has recently released a new CGI trailer for the highly anticipated title that featured Ellie singing a song — True Faith. However, it seems that the developers and marketing team were unaware that Anna-Lynne Williams cover of the song, added some of her own lyrics.

It seems that Sony might have thought Williams’ cover for True Faith was the actual lyrics, but Williams is stating it is hers. She is heartbroken to not get credited/compensated for her cover lyrics. The tweet has since been removed Twitter.

Check out the deleted tweet down below:

Hey, are you aware that the True Faith cover you put in your The Last of Us Part II trailer is a replica of my cover that came out 10 years ago? I wrote original parts not in the original song that are copied exactly by whoever covered it. I am heartbroken.

Your fans seem to have noticed because they’re commenting on my old video thinking it’s the same song. Credit? Compensation? At 3:30 in my song in particular is the vocal part that I wrote which is featured in your trailer exactly.

The reported cover for The Last of Us Part 2’s commercial has now been set to private. But there is another version of the commercial out there on YouTube, which has the full song being played. If you want to check out either the cut commercial or extended commercial for The Last of Us Part 2 click here!

The Last of Us Part II releases on June 19 exclusively for PlayStation 4 users. Are you excited to get your hands on the game? Let us know in the comments below!

source: Wccftech , Twitter