Sea of Thieves: Hunt Gold Chickens For Fast Cash | Easy Gold Farming Guide

Earning those sweet, sweet doubloons is what being a pirate is all about, and Sea of Thieves gives you ample opportunity to plunder the seven seas for fat stacks of gold coins. Riches are so important, you can actually raid just about anyone and take their fancy cargo if you can sink their precious pirate ship. It’s all worth it, if it means you can unlock all the best customization options earlier.

This sneaky trick was first discovered during the final Open Beta — and it is surprisingly simple. It’s hardly a trick at all. Really, it’s all about wasting a little bit of money to earn a lot of money faster. When working with the different companies, in this case the Merchant Alliance, you can purchase maps to different types of quests. Instead of doing those piddly chicken quests, a smart pirate throws away the chaff and finds the wheat — gold chickens.

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Gold Chicken Hunting | Easy Gold Trick

This little trick can earn you about 10,000~ gold for a single completed quest. That’s a whole lot, and you can repeat the quest multiple times to earn more. I recommend bringing a full crew with you, so you don’t lose your cargo when returning the booty back to the local outpost.


Here’s how the trick works.

  1. Purchase quest maps from the Merchant Alliance.
    • Quest Maps cost about 40 gold per map.
  2. Throw away the maps that don’t send you to Gold Chicken locations.
    • Randomly, you’ll get a quest to hunt Gold Chickens instead of regular chickens.
  3. It’ll take about five (5) attempts before you get a Gold Chicken active quest.
  4. For every Gold Chicken you turn in to the Merchant Alliance, you’ll earn 1500-2000 gold.
    • If you’re lucky, you can find 2-3 Gold Chickens in the same spot.

That’s the best, simplest way to get tons of cash without putting in a lot of effort. Chests will never give you this much cash. While completing quests, you can also randomly get Black Plums — those are also worth hunting down.

Now fill your coffers with dirty gold chicken money and enjoy the benefits of riches. Which, basically, means you’ll be able to unlock cosmetic items faster.