Gears Tactics: How To Beat The Final Boss With A Single Sniper | Ukkon Battle Guide

Gears Tactics is a pretty forgiving game — until you reach the final battle against Ukkon. This punishing battle pits you against a giant creation piloted by Ukkon as he summons endless grubs to assault your position. To win, you’ll need to deal as much damage as possible with a killer combination; bring Support and Snipers. Seriously, if you don’t bring the right squad for this Ukkon battle, the fight can last literally forever.

If you bring the right team, you’ll be able to smash 1/3rd of Ukkon’s HP in a single unit’s turn. Snipers absolutely annihilate Ukkon, but you need to make sure you’ve got the right equipment, and the right abilities unlocked. Certain abilities are useless, while others will make this battle much, much easier.

If you’re looking for the ultimate method for bringing down Ukkon, the final boss of Gears Tactics, I’ve got a few tips. Save your Ability Respec tokens for this fight. You’re going to need them.

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In the battle against Ukkon, your team will split into two. You’ll be forced onto two separate arenas. Ukkon will swap from one arena to the other — it will stop, arm rockets, then launch and swap locations. Whenever it swaps locations, new enemies will spawn on both sides of the map.

To defeat Ukkon, focus on defeating the incoming enemies, and clearing the area so your primary sniper can deal damage to Ukkon. Instead of attacking with all your people over multiple turns, we’re going to focus instead on using a single sniper to destroy Ukkon’s entire health bar for each of its three phases..

Before we can begin, you’ll need to prepare your squad with two classes and special abilities.

  • Team Loadout:
    • Bring 1 Support and 1 Sniper.
    • Equip gear to improve Critical Chance on your Sniper as much as possible.
    • Unlock Empower 3 for your Support to give your Sniper bonus actions.
    • Unlock Active Reload, Ultimate Shot, Fast Fingers, and Chain Shot 2.

With Chain Shot and Ultimate Shot, your Sniper can gain a ridiculous amount of extra shots on the enemy. Empower gives +2, Chain Shot gives +2, and Ultimate Shot gives +3 — that’s +7 actions for a total of 10 actions for your Sniper.

Empower 3 also gives +20% damage, while Active Reload (reload in this turn) gives +25% damage. After getting Empowered and reloading, your Sniper will also dish out +45% damage. And that’s with 10 actions available to her! If you can manage to kill an enemy with a shot, you can use Fast Fingers for a free reload.

Use grenades to wipe out incoming enemies — a Scout will help a lot here with their Proximity Mine ability. You don’t need to be next to a Sniper to Empower them, and Support have all the healing you need to survive. Just fight, and prepare your abilities so you can use all of them at once on Ukkon.

With the +45% damage buff, 10 actions, and a Sniper equipped with +crit chance, you’ll easily down Ukkon’s HP every phase of the fight with just one character. It’ll take three phase repeats, but as long as you manage the incoming Locust Horde enemies, you’ll eventually win the fight.