Gears Tactics Achievements Revealed Ahead of Release

Ahead of its release later this month, the official achievements for Gears Tactics have been revealed.

Check out the full achievement list here.

The achievement list is more or less what you would come to expect of one at this point. Certain objectives such as kill 1000 enemies and complete the game on hard fill the list and allow players to rack up all the gamerscore they desire.

Gears Tactics is taking the franchise people to know and love and taking it to a direction fans would never expect it to go. Gears Tactics is a strategy game that you take control of new character “Gabe” Diaz as you are tasked with the challenging mission to take down a¬†relentless leader of the Locust army:¬†Ukkon.

Earlier this week, fans were met with new gameplay footage of Gears Tactics at Microsoft’s Xbox Inside event. Check out the video right here to learn 5 badass things about the upcoming strategy title, Gears Tactics.

Gears Tactics launches later this month on Apr.28.

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Source: Xbox Wire