Saints Row The Third: Remastered – How To Use Cheats | All Cheat Codes List

Saints Row The Third: Remastered brings the best of the series to modern consoles and PC with high-def upgrades — but this is still the classic, completely ridiculous Saints Row we all know and love.

This might be the silliest in the series, and that’s saying a lot when the sequel takes place in space and involves battling an evil alien in a matrix-like recreation. The cheat codes help make this game completely ludicrous; you can make corpses fly in the sky, turn everyone into rampaging zombies, and give all the drivers DUIs.

If you’re eager to unlock all the weapons, vehicles, and powers right from the start, scroll down to learn how to cheat, and what codes to input.

More cheat codes:

To access cheats, open your phone and select [Extras]. From here, you can input cheat codes then toggle the codes on / off.

  • WARNING: Make sure to save your game before inputting any cheat codes. Cheats will disable achievements / trophies, and disabling cheats will not re-enable them. You’ll have to reload a save file before inputting codes to re-enable achievements / trophies.

Find a full list of cheats in Saints Row The Third: Remastered below!

Special EffectsCheat Code
Earn respect and cash.whatitmeanstome
Give $10,000 Cash.cheese
Makes dead bodies float upward.fryhole
All civilians turn into zombies.brains
All civilians turn into pimps / hoes.hohoho
All civilians are drunk. (Chaos!)dui
All civilians are mascots.mascot
Give all weapons.letsrock
Everything explodes on death.notrated
Vehicle crushes all other vehicles.isquishyou
Invincible vehicles.vroom
Gain infinite sprint.runfast
Fully repairs your vehicle.repaircar

Weather EffectsCheat Code
Makes it rain heavily.heavyrain
Makes it rain lightly.lightrain
Makes weather overcast.overcast
Makes the sky clear.clearskies

Notoriety EffectsCheat Code
Add +1 Gang Notoriety.lolz
Add +1 Police Notoriety.pissoffpigs
Remove Gang Notoriety.oops
Remove Police Notoriety.goodygoody

Summon WeaponsCheat Code
Give .45 Shepherd Pistolsgiveshepherd
Give Apoca-Fistssgiveapoca
Give AR-55givear55
Give AS3 Ultimaxgiveultimax
Give Baseball Batgivebaseball
Give Chainsawgivechainsaw
Give Cyber Blastergivecyberblaster
Give Cyber Bustergivecyberbuster
Give D4TH Blossomgiveblossom
Give Electric Grenadegiveelectric
Give Flamethrowergiveflamethrower
Give Flashbanggiveflashbang
Give GL G20givelauncher
Give Golden Gungoldengun
Give Grave Diggergivedigger
Give Grenadegivegrenade
Give K-8 Krukovgivekrukov
Give KA-1 Kobragivekobra
Give McManus 2015givemcmanus
Give Molotovgivemolotov
Give Minigungiveminigun
Give Nocturnegivesword
Give RC Possessorgivercgun
Give Reaper Dronegivedrone
Give Riot Shieldgiveshield
Give RPGgiverpg
Give S3X Hammergivehammer
Give Shock Hammergiverocket
Give Satchel Chargegivesatchel
Give Sonic Boomgivesonic
Give Stun Gungivestungun
Give Tek Z-10givetek
Give The Penetratorgivedildo
Give Viper Laser Riflegiveslm8

Summon VehicleCheat Code
Spawn Ambulancegiveambulance
Spawn Anchorgiveanchor
Spawn Attrazionegiveattrazione
Spawn Bootleggergivebootlegger
Spawn Challengergivechallenger
Spawn Commandergivecommander
Spawn Condorgivecondor
Spawn Eaglegiveeagle
Spawn Estradagiveestrada
Spawn Gat Mobilegivegatmobile
Spawn Kanedagivekaneda
Spawn Kenshingivekenshin
Spawn Knoxvillegiveknoxville
Spawn Miamigivemiami
Spawn Municipalgivemunicipal
Spawn NForcergivenforcer
Spawn Peacemakergivepeacemaker
Spawn Phoenixgivephoenix
Spawn Quasargivequasar
Spawn Reapergivereaper
Spawn Sandstormgivesandstorm
Spawn Sharkgiveshark
Spawn Spectergivespecter
Spawn Status Quogivestatusquo
Spawn Taxigivetaxi
Spawn Titangivetitan
Spawn Toadgivetoad
Spawn Tornadogivetornado
Spawn Vortexgivevortex
Spawn VTOLgivevtol
Spawn Vulturegivevulture
Spawn Widowmakergivewidowmaker
Spawn Woodpeckergivewoodpecker