Best Story-driven Video Games For Xbox One

Want to dive into a story-driven video game? These titles are full of adventure as it puts you into the shoes of a protagonist in a grand journey. We’re going to showcase some of the best story-driven video games on the Xbox One platform. With that said, we’re sticking to games that released on the platform rather than being remastered editions or backward-compatible releases.

I’m a firm believer that there are no definitive lists and this list is not ranked in any particular order. Everyone has their own particular interests and tastes so when going through this list and you don’t see your favorite game, please let us know in the comments. Let the people know a game you recommend and even give some information about why you love the title. Without further ado, check out the list down below.

#10 Gone Home

In Gone home players take the role of a young woman who heads home during break. Expecting to see her family and familiar faces waiting, the house is empty. This is where your journey begins as you investigate the home in hopes you’ll stumble across your parents and sister. This is very much a walking simulator game and from the visuals, it would appear to be a horror title. That’s simply not the case as this is a very relaxing mystery for players to solve. You’ll roam the open house and piece together the different clues.

It will have you going through various rooms, picking up scraps of paper, and piecing together a narrative of the events that transpired before you arrived. This is a really short game too. It will take about two hours to complete the narrative so if you don’t have a lot of time but still would like a mature story-driven game to enjoy, you can’t go wrong with Gone Home.

#9 Quantum Break

Quantum Break sets players up in a fictional university where a group of individuals, one of which is our protagonist Jack Joyce, conducts an experiment. Things don’t go as plan leaving Jack alongside our main antagonist of the narrative, Paul Serene, with time-manipulating powers.

With a rift building between the two, it’s clear that Jack must stop Paul from potentially ripping time apart altogether. This game also features a live-action series with players getting to sit through a couple of episodes that further progress the plot. As such, if you’re a narrative junkie and crave a rich and vivid story then you may want to give this game a shot. This narrative adventure will take you about ten hours to complete the main storyline.

#8 Oxenfree

Night School Studios developed Oxenfree as their first video game title and this indie game was a hit. The game follows a young teenage girl named Alex who heads to an abandoned local island with some friends. What was meant to be a party turned into a horror trip as Alex quickly discovers there is some supernatural element living on this island. Instead of a night full of partying, drinking, and hanging with friends, Alex is left gathering everyone up while finding a way off this island.

This is a mature story as well where we dive into a variety of tough topics. Furthermore, the game is choice-based so while you go through the narrative, your choices may alter the ending you’ll receive. Gameplay can be described as an adventure title with players going through the game solving puzzles and exploring the areas. Of course, as mentioned, this narrative game is also focused on player’s choices so you may have to replay this title a few times to see just how the game could end. While it’s not as short as Gone Home, you can complete Oxenfree in a little over four hours.

#7 Grand Theft Auto V

Grand Theft Auto has been a popular franchise for decades, though in my opinion, Grand Theft Auto V had the most thrilling narrative. Normally, Rockstar Games would deliver a campaign that would only have one character to play through the game as, but that was dropped for this latest installment. In Grand Theft Auto V, players are given three characters to take control of though their storylines intertwine early on.

Overall, the game follows everything from a redemption arc to an up-and-comer that’s looking to strike it big. Their journey is far from easy as it will mean tying up loose ends from decades ago and finding the right scheme that will allow our characters to live out their lives without any financial worry. This game also features a massive map full of different random events. You’ll come across characters that will request your help in a variety of ways, but even if you don’t go through the extra content available, Grand Theft Auto V will still take plenty of time to complete. Just the main storyline alone for Grand Theft Auto V comes in at over thirty hours long and if you decide to go through the campaign alone.

#6 A Way Out

A Way Out video is an unique action-adventure title as it will require two players at all times. This game follows a story of two men that are on a journey to escape prison and seek their revenge. Regardless if you play locally or online, the display will be split to showcase both players as you work together to successfully escape your incarceration. Both character stories will be told simultaneously and while one character may be in a cutscene, the other will be able to freely move and execute their tasks making it a game that heavily focuses on teamwork. If you and a friend has six hours to kill then you can enjoy this title.