Bethesda May Develop More Multiplayer Video Games

Bethesda is a very notable video game development studio. It’s been around for years and while we’ve seen some big title releases, there are games that don’t hit the strides that the studio had hoped for. Take for example the Fallout franchise, a series that has done quite well over the years and known for being a massive RPG experience. It’s also typically a single-player video game so it was quite a surprise for fans to see a Fallout title announced that would be set as an MMORPG.

After Fallout 4, Bethesda came out to announce a brand new experience and one that was meant to be played with multiple players online. This game was unveiled to be Fallout 76, where Vault 76 dwellers were unleashed to help build society back up. Of course, what Bethesda attempted to make clear for players going into this game is that there wasn’t a campaign of sorts to go through. It was more or less an exploration title with a focus on building settlements. 

Unfortunately, this was not something that fans really cared too much for and the game really fell behind. Determined to keep the title going, Bethesda continued working on several updates and patches to bring the game up to fan’s expectations even if it wasn’t the plans that the studio had intended on initially. With that said, this may not be the only attempt to bring out an online multiplayer game from the development studio.

Recently, Bethesda’s Todd Howard spoke with where the topic of Fallout 76 came up. According to Todd, this whole experience was a positive one for the development team and it helps them get even more connected with their community. While there was plenty of rocky starts for the game, it’s at a better spot right now and it’s looking like this is not a one-off experience for the studio.

Of course, we don’t know what the future may hold for Bethesda. We know that they have been working on two IPs at the moment. One of which is the upcoming Starfield title along with the next chapter to The Elder Scrolls franchise. However, the biggest news to come out from the studio was the announcement of ZeniMax Media being purchased by Microsoft which puts Bethesda under Microsoft’s collection of first-party development studios.