The Wonderful 101: Remastered – How To Fix Inconsistent FPS & Unlock The 60 FPS Cap | PC Tweaks Guide

Wonderful 101: Remastered isn’t just available on consoles — you can also grab this new version of the game on Steam. Like many other ports for games primarily built for consoles, this one has some FPS issues. First of all, your FPS is locked to 60 Cap, which isn’t the worst thing in the world, but is bothersome for hardcore PC enthusiasts looking to squeeze as much FPS out of a game as possible.

What’s truly annoying is the inconsistent framerate. According to internet sleuths, the problem seems to be caused by a buggy framerate limiter — your silky-smooth 60 FPS might be dropped on even the most powerful of computers. You’ll lose frames constantly and consistently, and if you’re sensitive to fluctuations, there is a fix available exclusively for PC players. Modders have already cracked the code, and it’s barely been a day!

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The answer to this conundrum is both simple and extremely complex. If you’re looking for a full breakdown of the issue causing FPS drops, check out Silent’s Blog post detailing how he discovered the issue, and how he fixed it. There’s a whole lot to soak in, but the big takeaway is that the FPS Limiter is to blame.

The mod / fan patch also supports completely disabling the FPS Limiter — but the author doesn’t recommend using this feature. You can disable locked FPS from the included .ini file, but that causes a host of problems in-game. Unless you’re using V-Sync or a different FPS Limiter, this is not a recommended option.

Setup is simple. Just download the .zip folder and drag / drop the files into your Wonderful 101: Remastered installation folder.

This patch only solves a few of the issues in game on PC. Hopefully future patches are incoming.