10 Most Useless Characters You Never Picked For Your Party In Gaming

#7: Gonk Droid (Lego Star Wars: The Original Trilogy)

There’s a cornucopia of amazing characters to choose from in Lego Star Wars: The Original Trilogy. In this cute all-timer, you can spend the studs you’ve earned to unlock your favorite Star Wars characters, then choose which minifigs to bring on your adventures. Almost all of them are great — yes, even the Jawas — but there is one character that’s so hilariously useless, I had to put him on this list.

The Gonk Droid is a slow, functionless robot that can’t do anything. Like, seriously — the Gonk Droid can’t even jump. It can’t attack, it can’t move faster than a very slow stroll, and it has no special abilities. Why can you even play as this thing?! By every quantifiable metric, this is a worthless robot. It’s also one of my favorites! Just don’t ever pick him.

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#8: Edward (Final Fantasy 4)

The original Spoony Bard still sucks on toast in 2020. In the original SNES version of the game, Edward is easily one of the most useless characters in JRPG history. He has low stats, and his Bardsong ability mostly misses — it can theoretically inflict a random status ailment, but who cares when it’s completely random. He’s not great at magic or at physical fighting. Why does this guy exist?

He’s so bad that one of his abilities lets him hide during battle. Edward does eventually get better; his stat growth skyrockets at Level 70, and eventually he can become the best character in the game by stats alone. Too bad nobody would ever bother to level this guy up all the way. Unless you’re min/maxing to the extreme, avoid Edward at all costs.

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