10 Most Useless Characters You Never Picked For Your Party In Gaming

#9: Tachanka (Rainbow Six Siege)

You know a character ain’t great when they’re slated for a complete overhaul. In Rainbow Six Siege, you (and your team) can select a wide variety of different operators, and Tachanka is widely considered one of the most useless. Originally, he could summon a completely immobile turret. In a game that’s so fast-paced, it’s basically a death sentence.

The worst part? The turret can be upgraded with a face-protecting ballistic shield, but your legs and torso are still completely exposed. Tachanka is like a guy wearing an invulnerable helmet, but he’s completely naked otherwise. In later updates, Tachanka gained a mobile version of his turret, and a grenade launcher with incendiary ammo. Does that make him better? Of course — but he still has that loser legacy stink all over him.

#10: Malak & Rafa (Final Fantasy Tactics)

The Mystic twins are late-game additions to your Final Fantasy Tactics party, and they’re completely, utterly useless. I like their designs, but the unique skills they’ve got are too random — and trying to catch up with your other beastly, leveled-up characters is a sisyphean exercise in futility.

They’re just introduced too far into the story, their powers are too weird, their stats are too low. I don’t know anyone that bothers to keep these two around, and lots of your unique knights are actually very good! These two? Hard pass.

And those are some of the most useless characters in video game history. Who do you hate the most? What did we miss? There’s always something.