10 Games Where New Game+ Changes Everything

Alpha Protocol

Alpha Protocol is an incredibly creative spy-RPG, and the NG+ modes are specifically designed to make you feel like an agent. In one of the game modes, the first you’ll unlock, you’ll be stuck as a Rookie Agent. As a new spy in the Agency, you’ll start with no skill points.

Completing the game on Rookie Agent unlocks Veteran Agent, where you’ll start with tons of skill points in everything. Characters even comment on your new badass status — it might be a short game, but that attention to detail is pretty dang cool.

Castlevania: Symphony of the Night

Many people consider Castlevania: Symphony of the Night the best game in the series — heck, I might even agree with them. But, most fans probably never realized there was anything unique or special in NG+. You could always replay the game as Richter, or a suit of Axe Armor, but there’s something specific waiting for Alucard on subsequent playthroughs.

Returning to the demonic castle as Alucard allows you to find two unique, ridiculously over-powered items. The Duplicator and the Ring of Varda — the Duplicator, when equipped, allows you to use an infinite amount of usable items. Get the Pentragram, and nothing will ever stop you again. The Ring of Varda is another unique accessory that beefs up Alucard to ridiculous levels, and it’s possible to equip two at once.

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