10 Games Where New Game+ Changes Everything

Resident Evil 3 Remake

The new Resident Evil 3 Remake only take a handful of hours to complete, but after finishing the story, there’s a whole new mode unleashed for 100% players. With a focus on speedrunning, you’ll be able to play at different difficulty levels and complete challenges to unlock points you can use in a special new store. There are totally new weapons to purchase and unique items you can use that make the main story, even on the highest difficulties, a total breeze.

Shadow of Destiny

This kooky early adventure title for the PS2 is all about resolving a time-travelling mystery plot. You’ll have to face off against a trickster homunculus, and travel to different time periods to resolve long-running mysteries. By giving a film director a good idea for a movie, you’ll cause a billboard to spawn, drawing attention and saving someone’s life. It’s basically Butterfly Effect, the game, and you can use your knowledge to great effect in the bonus NG+ modes.

After finishing Shadow of Destiny once, you’ll gain EX Mode. In this special story mode, the main character actually remembers everything from your previous playthrough — and that unlocks two new endings. One of the endings involves resolving the story right at the very start of the game. Now that’s a nice NG+.

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