10 Games Where New Game+ Changes Everything

Batman: Arkham Knight

All of the Batman: Arkham games have a cool NG+ feature, but Batman: Arkham Knight goes the furthest. Instead of simply dropping you into the game with all your unlocks, you’ll have to face remixed enemy encounters and totally new features in Knight. For example, if you’re spotted in stealth, you’ll automatically lose your Fear Takedown ability. The enemy configurations are much more difficult, adding an exciting bit of unpredictability for fans.

And there’s one more surprise waiting for fans in Arkham Knight — in the opening cutscene, you’ll be forced to use the control to light a cremation oven and burn the Joker’s body. The famous villain died in Batman: Arkham City, but in a surprise NG+, the Joker springs to life and starts laughing before the fires engulf him. It’s a darkly comedic jolt that lets you know this NG+ isn’t going to be exactly the same.

The Quiet Man

Here’s one game on the list I don’t recommend completing once — much less twice. But the NG+ is ridiculous enough that it warrants a spot on this list. Even if you won’t be able to take your progress with you. In The Quiet Man, you play a deaf fighter, rendering much of the story mute. After completing the game once — and downloading a patch — you’ll be able to replay the game with the absurd story and hammy acting fully restored.

What seems like a down-to-earth crime story is revealed to be an unbelievable melodrama, featuring evil fathers in cursed masks working with women that look exactly like the protagonist’s murdered mom. [Spoiler Alert!] At the end of the game, our deaf hero puts on a strange mask, and transforms into an unstoppable crow-like hero. Why? How? Huh? None of it makes any sense.

And considering The Quiet Man actually converses with characters sometimes, is able to read lips, and even has exchanges with sign language, the muted audio conceit makes no sense. Why no subtitles? Why am I spending so much time talking about this deeply silly game.

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