Fortnite: Season 2 – There’s a New Deadpool Minigame You Can Play For Big Style Points | Pfreely Guide

It doesn’t look like much. But play it anyway!

Fortnite: Season 2 is a very Deadpool kind of season — the merc with a mouth has invaded the game, sprinkling secret challenges throughout that you can complete for Deadpool-centric cosmetics. Now there’s something totally new hidden in his secret restroom lair — a mini-game! What does this mini-game do? Do you need to play it? Who knows! But if you’re a Fortnite fan, you owe it to yourself to give this weird little old-school homage a go.

The minigame is called Pfreely (Like Peely?) and fans of old, old, incredibly old computer games might recognize this one. It’s a new version of Ski Freely — where you play as a little skier rolling down a blank white space, avoiding trees, hitting jumps, and avoiding yetis. Things have been changed just a little bit with Deadpool in the leader role. Let’s get into the details below. Accessing it is incredibly easy, and anyone can do it as long as you’ve downloaded the 12.50 update.

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To play this minigame, go to Deadpool’s lair from the Battle Royale menu — select the vent cover, then select Deadpool’s computer. After logging in, press [Y / Triangle / X] to access the minigame.

In Pfreely, you’ll need to avoid obstacles and hit style bonuses — avoid trees and grass, and hit ramps or chimichanga plates to boost your style rating. You’ll have to avoid bloodthirsty Peely, too!

The bloody Peely bananas are after Deadpool, and more of them will spawn the further down the slopes you go. Touching even a single Peely is a game over, so when they’re on the screen, try to avoid slamming face-first into a tree.

Is there a point to all this? I really don’t know, but I’d totally check the secret challenges list just incase. Otherwise, this might be a teaser for something coming in the very near future. Will we get skiing in Fortnite? Bloody Peely clones rampaging across the island? We’ll just have to wait and see.