Persona 5: Royal – How To Get The New Bad & True Endings | Alternate Third Semester Guide

Persona 5: Royal adds a load of new content to one of the best JRPGs of all time — including an entirely different endgame event. If you follow the new events in the third semester, you’ll eventually reach a crossroads. There are multiple endings you can unlock depending on your choices.

Make all the best choices you can, and you’ll earn yourself the true ending. Make all the wrong choices, and you can get a bad ending. This isn’t about completing palaces before your time limit is up. This is about responding to choices, so it is possible to screw things up your precious Persona 5 save file royally.

Don’t worry, it’s pretty easy to confirm your choice. Beware, there will be major story spoilers ahead.

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How To Get The New True & Bad Endings | Alternate Third Semester Guide

There are three alternate endings — one ‘good’ bad ending, a bad ending, and a true ending that sets up the Persona 5 sequel, Persona 5 Scramble: The Phantom Strikers.

To get this ending, you’ll need to perform a little setup and unlock the alternate events in the third semester. We’ve got a full alternate third semester guide here, but I’ll explain what you need to know in the steps below.

How To Unlock The Alternate Third Semester Events:

  • Reach Rank 9 with the Councilor Arcana (Takuto Maruki) by November 17th.

How To Get The Alternate Bad Endings

  • Takuto Maruki will offer the protagonist a deal to make the Dream World a reality. Akechi will ask you to confirm your choice. If you agree twice, you’ll get the ‘good’ bad ending.
  • If you don’t complete Maruki’s Palace in time, you’ll get a bad ending.

How To Get The Alternate True Ending

  • Unlock the alternate Third Semester events and refuse to accept Takuto Maruki’s deal to replace the world with an ideal dream.
  • Complete Maruki’s Palace within the time limit.
  • If you have the Justice Confidant at Rank 10, Akechi will briefly appear in this ending.

How To Get The Standard Ending Sequence

  • To get the standard, vanilla ending of Persona 5 post-Shido’s Palace, don’t level up the Councilor Arcana to Rank 9 by Nov. 17th.

And that’s all the new alternate endings you can earn in Persona 5: Royal. There are lots of other small endings you can earn — by failing to complete the palaces, and through other methods, but these are the most important choices you’ll want to keep in mind.