Persona 5 | How to Get All Endings

Welcome to the dark, high school anime world of Persona 5. Even though you are only teenagers, it is up to you to save Tokyo from corruption! This game is huge, so you’ll need all the help you can get to find all of the game’s secrets. Lucky for you, Gameranx is here to save the day! Stay tuned for more Persona 5 guides! Here is Gameranx’s Guide to Achieving Every Single Ending in Persona 5WARNING SPOILERS AHEAD.

In persona five, there are five endings: three “bad” endings, one “good” ending, and one, final “true” ending. In order to reach any of them, you must first play until November 20.

Bad Ending #1

This ending is probably the easiest one to obtain. Simply ignore the deadline of the Palace without getting the treasure inside. Skipping this opportunity will set you on course for the first bad ending.

Bad Ending #2

This ending depends on your choices in your interrogation with Sae Niijima. Simply reveal who your fellow Phantom Thieves are to Sae during this scene to unlock this ending.

Bad Ending #3

The last bad ending involves a decision you make in the final dungeon. During a dialogue exchange, choose the line, “Is it really the right world?” to begin this final bad ending.

Good Ending

The first good ending means you avoided the other endings listed above. Now you must get to December 24th and speak with Igor in the final dungeon and choose to not fight him. Doing this will prompt the “good” ending.

True Ending

Finally, the true ending! To do this one, you must get the treasure from the palace by the deadline, never cooperate with Sae Nijima during your interrogation, not choosing the “Is it really the right world?” dialogue in the final dungeon, and agreeing to fight Igor. After your fight, you will be on course to get the “true” ending of Persona 5!


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