Mega Man ZX Legacy Collection: How To Unlock Omega Zero | Overpowered Unlockable Guide

There’s a secret bonus character you can unlock in Mega Man ZX, and this overpowered version makes any postgame battle easy. This is just for fun, as the Omega Zero BioMetal variant can only be used after you’ve completed the story. It’s still really cool, and I love hunting for little secrets — and there’s an included super-boss waiting for you. It’s one more challenge that’s worth seeking out if you want to experience everything the penultimate Mega Man Zero game has to offer.

You’ll have to complete the story on Normal / Hard to unlock this final bonus reward, and you’ll have to teleport to the Resistance Air Base and unlock full access to Area M — navigating this location leads to a deadly battle against a pretty challenging alternate version of Zero, and defeating him (eventually) leads to a Model 0 BioMetal upgrade. You’ll get a fancy new skin, and you can refight the final boss (or any of the postgame bosses) for fun. There’s no reason to get all this, it’s just nice being completely overpowered sometimes.

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To unlock the BioMetal upgrade and become Omega Zero, you need to complete the game on Normal / Easy mode. When there is a [CLEAR] marker on your save file, you can complete this quest.

Start by travelling to Area X and talking to Prairie. If you’ve completed all the main missions, you’ll get a special scene. Next, you’ll need to reach Area M — start in Area 1 and travel left until you find a doorway. Use it, go right, and climb the ladder up. Keep going right, and you’ll find a ledge with an optional CD — the entrance to Area M is nearby.

Fight through Area M, defeating the Pandora boss until you gain access to Area N. This is a lengthy area, but there’s a save point right before you enter. Just go left, climb up at the vertical shaft room, and go right to encounter the Omega Zero boss — he’s right past two sets of annoying disappearing block platforming puzzles.

Omega Zero is one of the toughest bosses in the game, so you’ll want to go in prepared — farm enemies for full health and sub-tanks before entering his boss room. If you manage to win, you’ll then have to backtrack and then drop down to the lowest floor in Area M. Go right, and you’ll enter a room with the ‘Mysterious Stone’ item. Collect it, then backtrack back to Area X.

Back in Area X, talk to Fleuve — keep talking to him until you run out of ‘Talk’ options, and he’ll eventually say he’s discovered something interesting. He’ll then ask to take the Mysterious Stone. Fleuve will turn the stone into BioMetal, and give you the ability to play as Omega Zero. Finally!