World of Horror: How To Solve The Secret Blue Gem Riddle | Combat Dog Easter Egg Guide

There’s a big spooky secret in the center of World of Horror, and there’s one optional ending you can unlock that has nothing to do with the various mystery cases you’ll investigate. Completing this hidden quest will unlock the ‘Attack Dog’ follower, and lead down a pretty cool (and scary) path that I won’t spoil here. I’ll try to provide all the info you need with no spoilers.

It’s all about acquiring a hidden item called the Blue Gem, and following the mystery to its conclusion. Completing this mini-quest will unlock the ‘Mira’ achievement, and you’ll get a killer dog to help you in combat. This isn’t tied to a mystery, and there’s a little bit of luck involved, but this is totally one secret you’ll want to pursue. Why? Because it’s hilarious!

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To unlock the ‘Mira’ achievement and unlock the Attack Dog follower, you’ll need to acquire the Blue Gem and solve the riddle. The Blue Gem is a random item you can get from the Dog Shop — select to buy a Random Discount Item, and you’ll eventually get the Blue Gem. It’s mysterious!

With the Blue Gem, go to the Seaside and Explore until you encounter the Mysterious Lights Event at the lighthouse. The Blue Gem text should be vibrating slightly.

Next, go to the School and Explore until you encounter the Empty Corridor (Or Is it?) Event. Again, the Blue Gem text should be vibrating.

Finally, go to the Forest and Explore. A series of events will unfold, and the Blue Gem will continue to vibrate. Just keep going until you unlock the hidden ending, and earn the ‘Mira‘ achievement. Goodluck, occult-hunters! You’ll find a happy dog sporting a pair of sunglasses, and he’ll team up with you. Who doesn’t want that?