World of Horror Gets Late 2020 Release Window, Steam Early Access Starts Next Month

Horror title, The World of Horror has received an official release window of late 2020 on all platforms and Steam early access as early as February.

The highly anticipated horror title inspired by the Junji Ito is set to arrive on all consoles in late 2020. The good news here is that the game survived any type of development pause and the studio is still hard at work on it, which is always a positive thing when it comes to smaller releases. PC users will be delighted to hear that the World of Horror will drop on Steam early access on February 20, 2020.

Inspired by the works of Junji Ito and H.P. Lovecraft, WORLD OF HORROR is a psychological thriller with uncanny urban sites and twisted storylines. Collaborating with Panstasz on the writing for WORLD OF HORROR is Cassandra Khaw, scriptwriter at Ubisoft, author of the critically acclaimed horror novel Hammers on Bone, and writer behind games like Wasteland 3, Sunless Skies and She Remembered Caterpillars.”

Gameplay includes investigating different mysteries, as it will mess with your sanity and mind. World of Horror is an RPG title with turn-based combat, made from disturbing images made in Microsoft Paint with a classic 1-bit graphic style. The game has a very unique and stylish identity and that is really what makes it stand out in a genre that seemingly familiar.

World of Horror arrives on Steam Early Access February 20, 2020, with the release on PS4, Nintendo Switch, and Mac OS in late 2020.