World of Horror: How To Get Every Ending | All Scenarios Guide

World of Horror sends you into a series of no-win scenarios, giving you the ability to choose your own nightmarish fate — or fight back against increasingly bizarre monsters.

This indie rogue-like features challenging turn-based battles, and a choose-your-own-adventure structure. Each of the spooky episodes has a few different endings, and they get more complex the further you go. This game is heavily inspired by Junji Ito, so most of the endings aren’t going to go so great for your first-person protagonist.

World of Horror is still in early-access, so there will be more scenarios when the game gets a full release later this year. This is every ending available in the game so far, and some of them are truly terrifying. Beware of spoilers ahead — and melty-faced monsters, death cults, and axe-wielding abominations.

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Depending on your choices in each scenario, you might be able to survive — or you might become a gibbering husk of your former self. Here’s how to get the endings in each scenario.

Scenario 1: Alarming Account of Abnormal Arms

  • Ending #1: Pervert – Only one ending to this scenario.

Scenario 2: Chilling Chronicle of a Crimson Cape

  • Ending #1: Red Coat (Thing) – Complete the side-objective and discuss gossip at the school. At the Aka Manto encounter, select ‘I don’t want anything from you’ to face Aka Manto (True Form).
  • Ending #2: Red Coat (Man) – Play through normally, and select the Red or Blue paper. Fight and defeat Aka Manto.

Scenario 3: Curious Case of a Contagious Coma

  • Ending #1: Dream Devourer – Complete the side-objective to unlock the Dust of Seeing. Use it in the Quarantine Wing to battle the Dream Devourer.
  • Ending #2: Sated… For Now – Play through normally, and select ‘Investigate’ when you reach the Quarantine Wing.

Scenario 4: Eerie Episode of Evolving Eels

  • Ending #1: Eye Surgery – Play through normally, and when you encounter Kana, choose to poke her eye out.
  • Ending #2: Missing Friend – Play through normally, and when you encounter Kana, choose to take her to the hospital.
  • Ending #3: ??? – This is a secret bonus ending. When you go to Kana’s Apartment, leave immediately.

Scenario 5: Far-Out Fable of a Fear Festival

  • Ending #1: Police Raid – Whenever you have a chance, visit the Forest. When you’re forced into the Forest-Only, immediately go to the Overground Factory.
  • Ending #2: Too Late – Play through normally, just using the Inn instead of visiting the Forest. When you’re forced into the Forest, rest until you’re forced into the Overgrown Factory.

Scenario 6: Freak Feature of Found Footage

  • Ending #1: Shunned House – Obtain the Can of Acid from the Seaside Hardware Store. At the end, when you look inside the well, choose to use the Can of Acid.
  • Ending #2: Wishing Well – Play through normally, without obtaining the Can of Acid. At the end, select ‘Peek Inside The Well’.
  • Ending #3: Tapes – Play through normally, and at the end, select ‘Take the Tapes’ instead of looking in the well.

Scenario 7: Horrible History of Household Hell

  • Ending #1: Inner Coil – Complete the side-objective to earn the Architect’s Journal & Shiokawa Herald (A) items. Inspect the Shiokawa Herald (A) and find the ‘430Hz’ clue. Later, when you reach the Underground Chamber, you’ll need a Companion and a light source. Explore more to find speakers — input ‘430Hz’ to fight Oetaru. Select ‘Sacrifice Companion’ to earn this ending.
  • Ending #2: Beast Awakened – Follow the same exact steps as Ending #1. When you encounter Oetaru, select ‘Run’ instead of sacrifice.
  • Ending #3: Mystery Buried Deep – Play through normally, without discovering the clue or encountering Oetaru.

Scenario 8: Macabre Memoir of Morbid Mermaids

  • Ending #1: Morbid Discovery – Play through normally until you encounter the Mad Janitor. Defeat him to earn this ending.
  • Ending #2: Mermaid in a Hole – Collect the Crowbar from the Seaside Hardware Store, then pry open the manhole cover in the battle against the Mad Janitor.
  • Ending #3: Fire and Water – During the Mad Janitor battle, select to ‘topple the lamp’ to end the battle. This will also affect the school in the School Scissors case.
  • Ending #4: Inmasu Curse – Complete the Seaside side-objective to obtain the Inmasu Curse. Choose to ‘Distract’ during the fight against the Mad Janitor.

Scenario 9: Rotten Report of Rancid Ramen

  • Ending #1: ??? – Complete the side-objective to gain the Smelly Meat item. At the end of the scenario, combine the Smelly Meat with the Vial of Ramen.
  • Ending #2: ??? – Play normally and give the Vial of Ramen at the end of the scenario.

Scenario 10: Sorrowful Sage of Moonlight Sailors

  • Ending #1: Fishing Season’s End – Complete the side-objective and throw the net / hooks into the sea. Then compete the scenario like normal.
  • Ending #2: Real Catch – Complete the scenario normally, without finishing the side-objective.

Scenario 11: Spine-Chilling Story of School Scissors

  • Ending #1: Saved Friend – Play through normally, and create the correct chalk symbol at the end.
  • Ending #2: Legend Continues – At the end, input the incorrect chalk symbol to battle the Scissor Woman. Defeat her to earn this ending.

Scenario 12: Vicious Verses of Violent Vigil

  • Ending #1: At 10PM, when you automatically enter the Master Bedroom, go out to the Dilapidated Corridor and collect the Vigil Pamphlet. Return to the bedroom and pray — and inspect the body’s foot. Continue until 2AM — feed the plant in the Study and wait until you’re taken to the alternate universe Dilapidated Corridor. You will get two options; carve the strange symbol or sacrifice guests. Carve the symbol to initiate a battle against the Horrible Old Man. Defeat him to get this ending.
  • Ending #2: Follow the exact same instructions as Ending #1 — but, during the Horrible Old Man fight, select to Sacrifice 1 Guest, then defeat him.
  • Ending #3: Play through normally, killing guests / sacrificing them at the end of the scenario.

That’s all the ending so far! Check back later for more spooky scenarios to sink your teeth into.