How To Play Temtem (Or Any Steam Game) On Mobile Devices | iOS & Android Streaming Guide

With Steam Link, you can play your Steam PC games anywhere — and no, you don’t need a physical Steam Link device to make it happen. This is all about playing your games on the go, and certain games like Temtem are perfect examples. Based on the handheld Pok√©mon games, it feels weird to catch critters while sitting at your computer. If you want to catch a few monsters before bed, or hang out on the porch for a sunny afternoon of gaming, then you’ll need to stream.

Temtem isn’t the only game you can play on mobile devices — literally any Steam game can be played this way. You’ll just need a compatible controller that works with the Steam Link app — the Steam Controller works, but you can use any other option. There are plenty of better controllers on the market that work great. Or you can just use touch controls. For a JRPG like Temtem, that’s easy. For action games? It might be a little trickier.

It’s super simple. Let’s go over the basic steps here.

  • Download the Steam Link app on your mobile device.
  • Launch the app on your mobile device and follow the instructions to get connected.
    • Make sure the PC you want to connect to is ON.
  • Once you’re connected to your computer, open Big Picture Mode and begin streaming to your Phone, Tablet, or TV.

It’s very, very simple. But, you’ll want to focus on games where you don’t mind a little input lag. It helps to connect your computer directly to the internet router. If you’re connected to a wireless network on your computer, there will be much more input lag.

For best results, connect the PC / laptop you’re streaming from to your router, then play games wirelessly on mobile. There will still be a small amount of input lag, so turn-based games or slow-paced games like Temtem are perfect for this setup. Here’s hoping this works for you, and the faster your upload speeds, the faster you can stream!