8 Best (& Weirdest) Mods For Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot

Dragon Ball Z Abridged Mod

If you’re like a certain semblance of the DBZ community, you might remember the Dragon Ball Z Abridged series by Team Four Star — a parody featuring re-dubbed, re-edited episodes that skewed the original series for hundreds of episodes on YouTube. Now you can relive those fond (and hilarious) memories with this voice mod, swapping out some of the characters’ vocals for their parody versions. It’s just a start, but it’s a great start — eventually, maybe we’ll get a re-dub of the entire game!

The mod isn’t quite out yet. Coming soon!

Goku Black Mod

This fan-favorite villain hasn’t made his official appearance in Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot quite yet — it’s Goku Black, the pink-haired evil version of Goku with some strange alternate powers. This skin mod makes Goku Black playable, but you won’t be able to wield any of his special attacks! This is just a skin mod for now. It just happens to be a pretty awesome one.

Download the Goku Black skin mod here.