8 Best (& Weirdest) Mods For Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot

The modding community has fully embraced Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot. The game itself is an unpolished gem, and a perfect recreation of a very silly cartoon series that’s long since become a nostalgic favorite for long-time fans like me. It’s a weird, weird little show — and naturally, all the most memorable mods lean into the strangeness in the best ways possible.

In this early era of DBZ mods, there’s a lot of new skins for old characters — some of them are fan-favorites, others are just plain ridiculous. You’ll find mods that change the music to match the ridiculous musical riffs in the dubbed version, or even add the completely silly vocal talents of Team Four Star — the guys that created Dragon Ball Z: Abridged.

There’s a whole lot of stuff to share, so let’s get started. If you need help installing mods, here’s a helpful guide on KakarotMods.com.

Untitled Goku Game Mod

Become the Goose from Untitled Goose Game! What else is there to say? You can watch the goose in action above — it’s completely ridiculous, and here’s hoping this mod improves in the future with full animation support for the Goose. This is hardly the best mod, but it was the first. That makes it worthy, even if it wasn’t about gaming’s greatest goose.

Download the DBZ: K goose mod here.

The Bruce Faulconer Music Mod

Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot uses music that fans of the original dub won’t recognize. Collectively, we cried out for a way to listen to the ridiculous guitar riffs of our beloved Toonami-aired version of the show, and our prayers were answered. This mod adds a ton of the dub’s music themes and action OST to the game, making it extra nostalgic, and extra awesome.

Download the DBZ:K Bruce Faulconer music mod here.