Temtem: How To Evolve Every Temtem | All Evolution Requirements Guide

To make your team stronger in Temtem, you’ll need to evolve. Almost every Temtem has multiple forms — once you fulfill certain requirements, your Temtem will evolve into a totally new form, one with new techniques, and sometimes you’ll even get a new type. Reaching the upper-tiers of the evolutionary ladder is how you’ll conquer the challenges of Temtem, and to make your life a little easier, I’m listing all the evolution requirements in one place.

Most of the evolution requirements are pretty simple — instead of reaching a predetermined level like in Pokemon, you’ll need to level up a certain amount of times. Some of your starter Temtems need to level up 29 times to reach their next stage of evolution. Other basic Temtems require way fewer level ups. A few rare Temtems can evolve after being traded, and one special Temtem can only evolve after completing a special cult-related side-quest.

Check out all the evolutions below, and press [Ctrl+F] to search for your particular Temtems.

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Evolution in Temtem is — generally — a whole lot easier than in Pok√©mon. You won’t need to discover cryptic methods or find secret items. Instead, it’s all about gaining levels. You don’t need to reach a specific level, you just need to gain a certain amount of levels.

The amount of levels you need to gain is the same, even if you capture Temtems at different levels in the wild. The level requirement never changes. Below, you’ll find a complete list of Temtems — their starting form, what they evolve into, and what each form requirements to evolve.

All Temtem Evolutions List

[Work-in-Progress: Temtem is an early-access game, so everything is subject to change.]

  • Platypet Evolves Into…
    • Platox: Gain +20 Levels
    • Platimous: Gain + 20 Levels
  • Swali Evolves Into…
    • Loali: Gain +8 Levels
  • Paharu Evolves Into…
    • Paharac: Gain +7 Levels
    • Granpah: Gain +16 Levels
  • Ampling Evolves Into…
    • Amphatyr: Unknown
  • Bunbun Evoles Into…
    • Mudrid: Gain +20 Levels
  • Hidody Evolves Into…
    • Taifu: Gain +15 Levels
  • Fomu Evolves Into…
    • Wiplump: Gain +20 Levels
  • Skall Evolves Into:
    • Skunch: Gain +17 Levels
  • Houchic Evolves Into:
    • Tental: Gain +29 Levels
  • Orphyll Evolves Into:
    • Nidrasil: Gain +22 Levels
  • Banapi Evolves Into:
    • Capyre: Gain +17 Levels
  • Lapinite Evolves Into:
    • Azuroc: Gain +25 Levels
    • Zenoreth: Gain +25 Levels or Trade
  • Bigu Evolves Into:
    • Babawa: Gain +18 Levels
  • Kaku Evolves Into:
    • Saku: Gain +11 Levels
  • Occlura Evolves Into:
    • Myx: Gain +18 Levels
  • Raiber Evolves Into:
    • Raize: Gain +15 Levels
    • Raican: Gain +25 Levels
  • Pewki Evolves Into:
    • Piraniant: Gain +13 Levels
  • Crystle Evolves Into:
    • Sherald: Gain +30 Levels
  • Hocus Evolves Into:
    • Pocus: Gain +17 Levels
  • Mushi Evolves Into:
    • Mushook: Gain +20 Levels
  • Magmis Evolves Into:
    • Mastione: Gain +16 Levels
  • Umishi Evolves Into:
    • Ukama: Gain +14 Levels
  • Smazee Evolves Into:
    • Baboong: Gain +34 Levels
  • Spriole Evolves Into:
    • Deendre: Gain +12 Levels
    • Cerneaf: Gain +25 Levels
  • Toxolotl Evolves Into:
    • Noxolotl: Gain +30 Levels
  • Blooze Evolves Into:
    • Goolder: Gain +25 Levels
  • Zephyruff Evolves Into:
    • Volarend: Gain +22 Levels
  • Ganki Evolves Into:
    • Gazuma: Gain +27 Levels
  • Kalazu Evolves Into:
    • Kalabyss: Gain +18 Levels
  • Tuwai Evolves Into:
    • Tuvine: Complete the Cultist Hunt Side-Quest, take Tuwai to the Crystal Shrine and select Tuvine.
  • Vulvir Evolves Into:
    • Vulor: Gain +14 Levels
    • Vulcrane: Gain +28 Levels