Cadence of Hyrule: How To Play As Octavo | New Story Mode Unlock Guide

Cadence of Hyrule just released a surprise update, including a totally new story mode featuring the main villain of the game — Octavo! He’s now playable, and his golden lute is way more powerful than Link’s starting sword. Despite the extra rhythmic weaponry, Octavo’s campaign is still pretty challenging judging by what I’ve played so far.

Unlocking Octavo to play isn’t so easy either. The developers don’t really explain what you need to do to play as Octavo, so I’ll explain in the quick guide below.

Cadence of Hyrule is a unique little indie game that crosses Crypt of the Necrodancer with Legend of Zelda, producing a totally unique rhythm-based rogue-lite where you have to explore dungeons, fight bosses, and collect new items all while pressing buttons to match the rhythm of the music. If you haven’t played with gem yet, I highly recommend it.

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How To Play As Octavo | New Story Mode Unlock Guide

NOTE: Make sure to connect your Nintendo Switch to the internet and download the latest update to access Octavo’s Story.

To play as Octavo and experience his new story mode, you’ll need to complete the main story mode first. After completing the story, you’ll unlock a new alternate story mode.

To access Octavo’s Story, select an empty save file and cursor over the ‘Story Mode’ — then press left or right to select ‘Story Mode – Octavo‘. Start a new game, you’ll be playing as Octavo, the villain of Cadence of Hyrule!

Octavo starts with a Golden Lute, which will attack any enemy to his left / right, and in front of Octavo. That makes him a pretty tough customer, but you’ll encounter way more enemies than usual in his overworld. The overworld is also unique — a remix, where you’ll start from the fortune teller stand. Octavo is searching for a champion, and that makes his experience a little different than normal.

Check him out, and if there are any other secrets in his Story Mode, we’ll keep you informed with more guides on Gameranx.