Minecraft Earth: Everything You Need On Your First Farm | Infinite Resource Guide

Resources are more limited than ever in Minecraft Earth, the new mobile augmented-reality adventure that’s just entered Early-Access. Anyone can play for free on Android and Mobile, but it might take some time to actually track down all the blocks you need to build your dream home.

If you’re looking for ways to generate items on your own without walking to adventures, then you can use these ‘generators’! Generators are anything that generates another item infinitely — or at least multiple times. Whether it’s creating an infinite supply of water, generating cobblestone, making mud, or sheering sheep, I’ll list all the generators that are confirmed to work in Minecraft Earth.

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Farming – What Plants Will Grow?

There are many plants you can grow for your in-game farm! You’ll be able to grow wheat, beetroots, melons and more. Wheat is one of the most useful crops, as you can use it to feed animals for breeding.

To grow crops, you’ll need to find seeds. Place a dirt block, then use a hoe to turn dirt into farmland. Now you can place seeds that will grow over time — place water blocks next to farmland to automatically water farmland up to x9 blocks away.

While they aren’t necessarily farm items, vines and cactii will grown when placed. You won’t need any extra steps to generate more of each.

Infinite Water & Lava

Water and Lava can become an infinite resource! Just dig a 4×4 hole, and place water in two corners diagonally from each other.

The hole should fill with water, now whenever you collect water from a corner, the hole will automatically refill. The same goes for lava! You just need a bucket to make the magic happen.

Cobblestone Generator

Dig a 1×4 trench that’s 2 blocks deep. Place water (on a raised block so it flows) on one side of the trench and lave in the other. When water flows into lava, it becomes cobblestone.

One of the easiest and most common ways to get infinite cobblestone for your building needs.

Image Source: [1]

Shearing Animals | Sheep, Cluckshroom & Moobloom

There are three animals that constantly generates items — and two are pretty weird. Sheep can be sheared for wool with shears, while special animals like Cluckshroom and Moobloom generate mushrooms and flowers respectively.

  • NOTE: Cluckshrooms and Mooblooms need shade to generate mushrooms! Mushrooms will only appear if they aren’t in direct sunlight.

Sheep spawn randomly, so you can find them from Sheep tappable. Cluckshroom generate mushrooms where they walk, and can be found from chicken tappables. Cluckshrooms (and normal Chickens) generate eggs as they walk around.

Moobloom, Mooshroom, and Cows are all useful — and can be found from Cow tappables. Cows can be milked with a bucket for cooking! Meanwhile, Mooblooms are exclusive to Minecraft Earth, and can be sheared for a Buttercup flower. When they walk around, they’ll randomly generate Sunflowers and Dandelions.

Breeding Pens

Drop chickens, cows, pigs or sheep into a small pen made of fences (they can’t jump over fences!) and the animals will breed. They’ll automatically breed after being fed their favorite foods — as long as you have two of each animal! Feed both animals, see the hearts appear, then lead them next to each other.

  • Food To Feed Each Animal Type For Breeding:
    • Sheep: Wheat
    • Cow / Mooshroom / Moobloom: Wheat
    • Chicken: Seeds

Dirt Generator

Dirt is very similar to the Cobblestone Generator, but slightly more complicated. You’ll need water, mud, and lava. Place water blocks beneath dirt to create mud. Have the lava flow into the mud, and you’ll constantly generate dirt!

Other than a bed and a little house to call your own, that’s everything you need for your home away from home. With all this, you’ll be able to generate basically everything you need! Or in this case, anything you want.