Minecraft Earth: How To Create An Infinite Cobblestone Generator

Image Source: [Planet Minecraft]

Cobblestone is an even more precious resource in Minecraft Earth, and if you’re looking to fill your inventory with plenty of building materials so you can make (and share) your very own buildplate masterpieces, cobblestone is a pretty good place to start. And you can create a generator that produces an endless supply of cobblestone in Minecraft Earth — just like vanilla Minecraft.

It’s all based on a few simple mechanics of Minecraft that carry over into this mobile game. When lava and water meet, they generate cobblestone. Only the water turns into cobblestone, so the trick is to generate flowing water that constantly regenerates. All you have to do is get a Stone Pickaxe and collect the cobblestone for as long as you want. I’ll explain in detail below.

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How To Create An Infinite Cobblestone Generator

To create an infinite cobblestone generator, you need a few simple ingredients — and a trench that’s four blocks long and one block deep. You’ll need to craft the following items and collect them before you can create your cobblestone generator on a buildplate.

  • x1 Iron Bucket
  • x1 Lava
  • x1 Water

Here’s the quick explanation — dig a 1×4 block trench, then dig one hole deeper to create a hole for water to flow into. Place the water next to the 1 block hole, then place lava on the opposite side of the trench. There are lots of ways to set up the generator, the goal is just to get flowing lava to touch flowing water.

In Minecraft Earth, it’s actually a lot easier. You can use the edge of your buildplate as an invisible barrier. Minecraft veterans know this method by heart, but the rest of us could use a refresher course.