Shenmue 3: Need More Money To Progress? Here’s The Best Way To Farm Cash

Cash is your most important commodity in Shenmue 3, and as you progress, you’ll be stopped dead in your tracks when it’s time to pay some exorbitant sum to move the story forward.

You’ll need cash to buy new kung-fu moves to add to Ryo’s arsenal, or just buy up a load of Black Garlic to keep our protagonist healthy. Your stamina and your health bar are combined, so you’ll constantly lose health just from sprinting around your beautiful Chinese village home-away-from-home.

If you’re feeling stuck and need to make fast cash, here are a few methods that should help you start rolling in dough. Follow these simple techniques, and you’ll have more cash than you’ll know what to do with.

How To Make Lots Of Money | Joy Street Guide

In Bailu Village, and other locations you’ll reach later in the game, there are skill games you can play to earn tokens. You can exchange these tokens for high-value items, then sell those items at the junk trader to earn real cash.

It’s an arduous system, and there are times you’ll absolutely need money. Here’s two ways you can get cash fast — one requires saving constantly, and another is guaranteed to work every time.

Method #1: Fortune Teller Frog Racing

Go to the Fortune Teller and get a Number Fortune. With your Number Fortune in hand, bet on the matching number in the Frog Race — and input the Max Bet. Mash buttons to cheer your frog on, and you’ll always win.

You’ll need to get a new Fortune between every race, but if you get your fortune and use that number, you’re guaranteed to win the race every time. Collect up thousands of tokens, buy high-value items, then sell them.

Method #2: Save-Scumming Flow, Bird, Wind & Moon

This method works just like the old games — with save-scumming. That means you’ll need to save before attempting a game of chance. Save before betting, roll to win, and save again if you win. If you lose, just reload your save and try again.

To make the most money with save-scumming fast, play Flow, Bird, Wind & Moon or Roll It On Top. Input the Max Bet, and then collect thousands of tokens. Use those tokens to buy valuable items at the token store, then sell them.