Indivisible: How To Recruit All The Missable Characters | Optional Incarnations Guide

Indivisible is a fast-paced action-RPG platformer that puts you in control of a whole team of heroes as they travel to exotic locations to save the world. The fun of Indivisible is all in the playful characters you can recruit to your team, and there are a ton of characters you can bring in (and swap around) to customize your party.

Each character has a unique gimmick and ability that sets them apart. You don’t want to miss any of these guys or their awesomely unique designs. If you’re worried about missing any of the optional characters, here’s a full list of all the Incarnations that are tricky to find. Indivisible has loads of characters, and some of these semi-secret heroes are the best ever.

How To Recruit All The Missable Characters | Optional Party Members Guide

While exploring the world of Indivisible, there are optional Incarnations you can miss. Here’s where to find them.


Find this optional hero first in the flying Fortress Vimana, the headquarters of Ravannavar. You’ll find him in the prison area, and freeing him gets him on your team.

George [Non-Playable Incarnation]

After breaching the Iron Kingdom blockade in Port Maerifa, simply back track into the city and talk to a one-legged character to unlock another new party member.

This ex-soldier also gives you a special training mini-game that you can play in your Inner Realm that works kind of like a fighting game. Don’t miss him!


A massive warrior woman is also found in Port Maerifa. Travel right from the port and you’ll find her. She’ll challenge you to a training battle at the city gates — go outside, defeat her, and she’ll join you. She has unmatched strength.


Unlock the vaulting ability and you’ll be able to reach Zahra in a high-up lounge in Port Maerifa. She’ll send you on a side-quest to recover parts to repair her Oud instrument. You need to get monster parts from Kaanul, The Iron Kingdom, and Tai Krung to complete her quest and get her on your team.


This cowboy mercenary is armed with a revolver-long sword hybrid. Go to the Iron Kingdom city and check all the wanted posters — eventually you’ll be able to find one in the center of the map. Look at it for a second, and Latigo will appear. Very, very easy to miss!


This dog is another optional character. Talk to him first at Lhan’s Chakra Gate, then talk to him again before leaving the Monastery. The dog will run out to meet you on your second visit to Mt. Sumeru. If you still haven’t recruited him, you’ll find him with the refugees at Ashwat Village.

Ren [Gives Ajna New Weapon]

To recruit Ren the Assassin, return to Tai Krung after a week-long time skip in the story. Look on the map for a blue fire — you’ll reunite with this old enemy, and finally recruit him to your team.

Not only do you get Ren, but you’ll also unlock a bonus (and completely optional) weapon for Ajna!