Top 10 FPS Games of 2014

FPS games of 2014

FPS Games of 2014

We’ve updated the list with COD: Advanced Warfare which was revealed a month before E3, with an amazing reveal trailer and is being developed for Xbox One and PS4 as the lead platform.

Imagine a world without first person shooters. Two hands holding a gun, shooting poor virtual people in the face forever. A world without that? Unimaginable. In the next year too there will be a lot of new and probably fantastic shooters out to bedazzle us all. 

We will be shooting men, women, dogs, cats, aliens, zombies and robots. And all the other things We will use guns, knives, rifles, rocket launchers and strange contraptions that launch kittens. It will be a lot of fun. Here’s the ten games we look forward to the most in the coming year: 

10. Halo 5

Just as we know that there will be another Call of Duty next year, we all know there will be another Halo, probably this time exclusive on Xbox One. The developers of Halo 4 had announced that Halo 4 was supposed to be the first part of a new trilogy of Halo games, and the next part of said trilogy is overdue. 

Chances are it will arrive next year. 343 Industries is a big studio, and Microsoft needs another hit for the Xbox One platform. So prepare to finish the fight a bit more once again.