The Surge 2: How To Beat Little Johnny | Boss Guide

The first major boss of The Surge 2 is a twist on the standard boss fight — you can’t just beat him down until his health bar drops. Instead, you have to break his various parts until he overheats. Basically, you have to make this boss destroy himself. It’s a very different experience from your standard Dark Souls boss encounter, so we’re here to provide in-depth details to help defeat this insane monster.

Little Johnny is a screaming weirdo, locked into a tub with welded-on pincers and three mechanical legs. He’ll vomit up toxic sludges from the pipes hanging out of his pod, while swinging his wiry legs wildly to attack. You’ll need patience and perserverance to beat this difficult boss battle — and if you’re stuck and don’t even know how to hurt him, we’ve got a few tips below.

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How To Beat Little Johnny | Boss Guide

Little Johnny is the first major boss of The Surge 2. You’ll find him in Port Nixon. You can’t defeat him by attacking him — he has no standard health bar. Instead, you’ll need to target and destroy five parts of his body.

  • The three legs.
  • The two cooling tanks.

The pincers on his body don’t count, and don’t need to be destroyed to defeat the boss. You’ll need to expose the two cooling tanks before you can attack them — they’re both covered in heavy armor, protecting them.

There are two ways to expose the cooling tanks. You can destroy the pincer arms, or your can parry Littly Johnny’s attacks until he’s stunned. Then, you can interact with the cooling tank and pull the armor off, revealing the weak point.

Stand close to the central pod to bait Little Johnny into launching his standard arm attacks. You can Parry these — he usually attacks in order from left to right. When he rears back, you can parry forward.

I recommend tackling the legs first. When his heat meter goes up, Little Johnny stays stunned for longer, and won’t be able to unleash as many attacks in a row. Just stay back and wait for his leg attacks — especially when he’s about to flip. Attack the legs until they’re broken, then parry his arm attacks to strip the armor and destroy his cooling tanks.

Destroy all five parts, and you’ll win the fight. Goodluck!