Borderlands 3: Skywell-27 Crew Challenges Guide | Claptraps, Typhon Logs & Hunts Locations

The evil Maliwan corporation is invading the planet Promethea in Borderlands 3 — and the only way to stop them is to take control of Skywell-27. This floating rock is where you’ll find Maliwan’s massive space-laser, which the evil President of Acquisitions is using to suppress the newly reformed Atlas.

This is one of the only low-gravity locations in the game, so keep than in mind while exploring the rocky exteriors and slick interiors of the satellite. There’s a lot to find here, including a Target of Opportunity for your pal Zer0. If you’re lost and need help finding everything, check out the map below.

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Skywell-27 Crew Challenges Guide | Claptraps, Typhon Logs & Hunts Locations

For this guide, we’ll cover where to find Dead Claptraps, Typhon Logs, Typhon Dead Drops, and Legendary Hunt locations.

There are three Typhon Logs in each area, and there can be one or more Dead Claptraps or Legendary Hunts to find. Below, you’ll find a map with locations marked for every collectible type, and text instructions with more details to help you track them all down.

Typhon Logs are one of the most valuable collectibles. Finding all three will unlock the location of the Typhon Dead Drop.

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Map Key:

  • Yellow = Dead Claptrap
  • Blue = Legendary Hunt / Target of Opportunity
  • Purple = Typhon Dead Drop (Cache)
  • Red = Typhon Logs
  • Pink = Crimson Radio
  • Green = Hijack Target

Typhon Log #1: When you reach Maliwan Modulars, drop down and look for a doorway in the rocky surface below. There’s a hallway that leads up and to the office with this log.

Dead Claptrap #1: On a high rock peak in the rocky surface area after leaving the maintenance corridor. Look up high for a platform!

Typhon Log #2: Before walking to the giant jet engine you’ll have to disable in the main story mission, look on the opposite ridge for a series of ledges leading to a dead end with this log.

Target of Opportunity: Leaving the Fuel Processing area, you’ll enter the exterior Observation Deck. From here, drop down and look for an optional cave that leads to the target.

Typhon Log #3: On the same Observation Deck, look to the left after leaving the Fuel Processing area. There’s a ladder that leads up to the path with the log.

Dead Claptrap #2: At the Observation Deck, enter the two story interior room. There’s an open panel near the second floor ledge. Jump across to enter this alcove with a claptrap part.

Typhon Dead Drop: Find all the logs, and the path to the dead drop will reveal itself. Nothing trick to finding it — it’s just at the end of a hallway.