Control: How To Complete All Janitor Missions | ‘What A Mess’ Quests Guide

Your reward for completing the Janitor quests. Fancy, right?

Earl in Control, you’ll encounter a bizarre Janitor named Ahti. Right from the start, he makes it clear that you’re working for him — you’re the Janitor’s Assistant first, and the director of a mysterious secret government bureau second. Later on, you’ll actually be able to take his side-quests while he relaxes in some alternate dimension

These quests pop-up periodically as you progress in the story, so it’s a good idea to keep checking back at the Janitor’s Office to find more. They’re also a little tricky — many of them require you to find six hidden objects in the environment. Finding them all isn’t as easy as it might seem. Scroll down to find locations and tips for every single Janitor quest in Control.

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How To Complete All Janitor Missions | ‘What A Mess’ Quests Guide

The Janitor side-quests begin after meeting Ahti the Janitor a second time in his office in the Maintenance Sector. Periodically, new quests will appear as clipboards on the wall. Collect them to begin the associated quest.

What A Mess: Burn The Trash

This is the first mission. Burn the glowing toxic waste barrels around the Furnace Chamber — pick them up with Launch and then toss them into the furnace. The barrels are located all around the Furnace Chamber, so check the lower levels — look for a bright green glow.

Once all six barrels are burned, the quest is complete.

What A Mess: Clear The Clog

This mission sends Jesse to the Pipeworks, an area connected to the NSC Coolant Pumps room. Go through the back doors to enter the pump, where you’ll encounter a beast called the Clog. Avoid the puke it spits, and aim for the glowing nodes on the body. Shoot the nodes until it recedes, then search for another clog. Once you get them all, you’ll need to access a new room.

Return to the NSC Coolant Pumps. There’s a door to the left of the Pipeworks path that leads to the Pump Station. Inside, you’ll need to find two batteries and place them on the charge slots, then turn the valve. Go down below to kill the last nodes.

What A Mess: Talk To The Plants

For this quest, you need to find molting plants in the Central Research room and talk to them to brighten them up. Finding these is a lot trickier than the toxic barrels, so here are some hints.

  • Plant #1: One plant is found on the bottom floor, in the restroom hallway.
  • Plant #2: Next to the entrance to Parapsychology, behind the desk.
  • Plant #3: Right next to the Sector Elevator hallway.
  • Plant #4: Bottom floor, in the back hallway with the sealed lab doors, on the side opposite the mold infection.
  • Plant #5: Bottom floor, to the left of the cafeteria room.
  • Plant #6: Right next to the doors to Dr. Darling’s office.

What A Mess: Clear The Mold

For this mission, you need to find and shoot six Mold polyps — they’re large glowing bubbles of mold, and they’re abnormally hard to find. Travel to the Medical Ward in the Containment Sector — all six are located in the room covered in Mold.

  • Mold Bubble #1: In the Medical Ward, it’s right in the center, on the wall. You can’t miss it.
  • Mold Bubble #2: Enter the storage room connected to the Medical Ward. There’s a dark corner with a bubble hidden.
  • Mold Bubble #3: In the long office room with connecting windows to the main room, look in the open door at the end of the hallway. You can just see a well-hidden mold spot.
  • Mold Bubble #4: Attached to the ceiling, near the doors leading into the longer office room.
  • Mold Bubble #5: On the wall in one of the lit-up shower chambers next to the entrance.
  • Mold Bubble #6: On the ceiling, in the small chamber behind the central pillar.

What A Mess: Even More Mold

To complete this mission, travel to the upper levels of the NSC Coolant Pumps room in the Maintenance Sector. Enter the cavern passage near the Furnace Chamber and float through the upper entrance using Levitate. There are six polyps you need to locate and shoot.

  • Mold Bubble #1: Entering from the cavern, look directly left on the wall to spot this bubble.
  • Mold Bubble #2: Another bubble is on a mold-covered pillar down the path to the right.
  • Mold Bubble #3: In the corner of the chamber, find a mold bubble on a high pillar, hidden above the concrete support wedge.
  • Mold Bubble #4: Look at the ceiling directly above the hanging catwalk in the center.
  • Mold Bubble #5: Above the door entrance, opposite the cave entrance.
  • Mold Bubble #6: In the corner, below the walkways near a large pipe. Stand on the hanging catwalk and check the corners to spot it.

What A Mess: Take A Break

The final part of the quest only appears after returning to the Janitor’s Office. Go to the small room and this quest will automatically begin. Simply sit down to rest on the couch, and the Janitor’s Assistant costume will appear. That’s your reward for completing all these optional quests — grab it to complete the quest.