Control: How To Access The Hideo Kojima Mission | ‘Isolation’ Guide

The mad scientists at Remedy, the developers of the mind-bending action-shooter Control, hid a cameo by legendary Hideo Kojima in their game. You might be able to play this mission without even realizing it, and it takes you to some weird places. You don’t want to miss it.

The mission is called ‘Dr. Yoshimi Tokui’s Guided Imagery Experience’ — and it’s exactly that. Instead of exchanging fire with Hiss-infected soldiers, you’ll step into an Isolation Chamber and listen to Hideo Kojima’s weird narration as he takes you on a personal journey. Or, really, it isn’t personal at all, but his words do create some extremely vivid dreams. Get all the info you need below.

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How To Access The Hideo Kojima Mission | ‘Isolation’ Guide

To play the mission narrated by Hideo Kojima, you’ll need to unlock the Season Pass. The Season Pass DLC is available for $25 and comes with two large story expansions — purchasing it now gives you instant access to a set of strange missions staring Hideo Kojima, the creator of the Metal Gear Solid franchise and Death Stranding.

If you have the Season Pass, the mission will be available but the game doesn’t tell you how to find it.

If you have the Season Pass, travel to the Extrasensory Lab. It’s connected to the Parapsychology area of the Research Sector. In the lab, find Isolation Pod #4, and collect the correspondence note here. If you don’t own the Season Pass, this note will not appear.

The mission is called ‘Dr. Yoshimi Tokui’s Guided Imagery Experience‘ — to experience it, you need to find two tapes.

  • Tape #1: Located in the Ritual Division of the Research Sector. Take the elevator up to the office and you’ll find it there.
  • Tape #2: Located in the HRA Lab in the Research Sector. Take the stairs up to the upper office to find this tape.

Return to the Extrasensory Lab to play through the ‘imagery experiences’ — which describes them pretty well. These aren’t really missions. You’ll listen to Hideo Kojima’s narration, which is naturally in Japanese, while a translation guides you through. There are no enemies to fight, but you do get some extremely weird imagery.