Remnant: From The Ashes – Don’t Know What To Do Next? |Complete Progression Guide

Not everything is randomized in Remnant: From The Ashes. When you first load into your world, the Earth and every other realm you visit is generated to be slightly different from everyone else. If you start a new game, the vast explorable world will change — you’ll encounter different dungeons, alternate bosses, and even gear you might have never seen before.

But some things remain the same. No matter what, there are particular story beats you’ll encounter and complete to finish the story. There are totally optional places to visit, and places that are required to clear each zone and move into the next.

Like any Souls-like game, it’s easy to get lost and confused. If you’re unsure how to progress at any point and need a hint, we’ve got a full list of objectives you must accomplish to continue the story. Beware, there will be spoilers — but I’ll try to keep it as light as possible.

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How To Complete The Main Story | Progression Guide

Every world is different in Remnant: From The Ashes. The exact layout of your locations will be different every single time you start a new game. It won’t change when you die like a rogue-like, but it will be different from every other player in the world.

For that reason, I can’t provide exact details for how to navigate these areas. You’ll have to figure that out yourself. But, there are objectives you must complete in each realm. Below, I’ll go through every required objective. If you’re stuck, lost, confused, or just need a hint, scroll down to learn what basic actions you need to accomplish.

Ward 13

Ward 13 is the Tutorial Area, so you’ll learn how to fight enemies and upgrade your gear with the vendors here. Talk to everyone and move on. Once the Red Crystal is activated, you can leave and begin the game proper.


Earth is mostly randomly generated. There are several optional dungeons and bosses you’ll encounter here. Your main goal is in the Church. Speak with the ‘Twisted Woman’ at the Church then defend the Root Mother. The Root Mother will return to Ward 13 — talk to her there, then return to Earth and explore until you spot a floating tower.

Enter the floating tower to talk to the Keeper of the Labyrinth. He’ll unlock access to a new area — the Labyrinth. Enter the Labyrinth; this is the hub where you can access the next three realms; Rhom, Corsus and Yaesha.


For now, you’ll only be able to access Rhom. Your goal here is to find the Undying King. To do that, explore the random dungeons until you encounter Claviger and collect the Howling Key. Defeat Claviger, then travel to the Black Sun Gate. Unlock it to enter the Monolyth where you’ll encounter the Undying King.

The Undying King will give you a quest — you can choose to get the Guardian’s Heart from Crosus or refuse.

  • If you accept, you’ll need to travel to Corsus. This is completely optional and can be skipped by betraying the Undying King. You can do this at any time.
  • If you reject, you’ll fight the Undying King. Defeating him gives you the Labyrinth Key, which unlocks both Corsus and Yaesha.

Either way, you can choose to explore Corsus.

Corsus [Optional]

If you accepted the quest from the Undying King, this area is not optional. If you rejected the Undying King’s quest, this area can be skipped completely.

On Corsus, you must defeat the Unclean One, an early world boss, then explore until you encounter the Iskal Queen. She also wants the Guardian’s Heart. To get the Guardian’s Heart, search the last dungeon of Corsus and defeat IXILIS.

Now you can give the artifact to the Iskal Queen or fulfill your deal and give it to the Undying King. If you give the Guardian’s Heart to the Iskal Queen, you’ll have to return to Rhom and defeat the Undying King to acquire the Labyrinth Key.


Once you acquire the Labyrinth Key from the Undying King — either by defeating him or completing his quest — you’ll be able to access Yaesha from the Labyrinth.

Explore until you encounter a World Event. Survive, and you’ll meet an NPC called Navun. Talk to them, and you’ll get your primary quest — finding and rescuing Founder Ford. Explore until you encounter the Totem Father boss. Defeat it and talk to Founder Ford in the prison to acquire the Founder’s Key.

End Game

Take the Founder’s Key to the bottom floor of Ward 13. Find the room with a large mirror — insert the Founder’s Key into the computer and the mirror will become a portal.

Enter the portal to reach Ward 17. This is the final location — you’ll find the last boss here. You can’t miss him. Defeat the boss to complete the game.

And that’s everything! The game is too random for specific details, but if you’re lost and confused, or stuck on a specific boss, this is the straightforward path you have to take to reach each goal.