Super Mario Maker 2: 13 Awesome Creator Levels You Need To Play

Need more Super Mario Maker 2 levels in your life? We’ve been searching the internet for some lesser-known gems. You won’t find these levels in the top charts — but they’re still worth checking out. There’s some wonderfully creative levels floating around in the massive online database, and lots of them hardly get any play at all. If you’re looking for something a little different, here are 13 amazing levels with very clever gimmicks, great designs, or just something special.

Anyone can make their own levels in Super Mario Maker 2, and the levels showcased here all have a unique bent you wouldn’t find in a normal Mario game. You’ll have to fight alien invaders, ride on claws, climb golden temples, and navigate a maze of thwomps. Some of these levels are so nice, they feel like official stages! Get a quick glimpse at each level we’ve picked below, along with a zippy snippet to let you know what’s in store.

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The Ascent [By CVolume]


This crazy vertical autoscroller level forces you to dodge buzzsaws as you leap from swinging claws. A fun challenge that isn’t too difficult, with a creative set of gimmicks.

A Boy and His Box [By 123zc]


A difficult level full of tricky traps and bizarre contraptions — all designed to keep Mario with his box. You’ll have to keep your box close to solve each sequence. This is a true challenge, but it’s worth checking out the Rube Goldberg machine at the start.

This is by far the hardest level on this list. Don’t be deterred — the rest of my recommendations are a lot easier.

Menacing Magikoopas From Mars [By PizzaSkell]


Another challenging level with a cool gimmick — you’ll have to dodge alternating blocks shaped like beams of light from UFOs. At the end of the stage, you’ll enter a haunted house mothership full of traps.

Bowser’s Boiling Box Storage [By Macaluso]


A fun level that’s packed with crate puzzles. You’ll need to use boxes to navigate lava pools and create platforms for yourself while dodging fireballs.

P!-Pipe Panic!! [By Doomykins]


A short, impressively creative level! You’ll need to navigate mazes of coins, and use P!-Pipes to summon explosive buddies to blast through wood blocks. At the end, you’ll have to dodge chain-chomps while bouncing off springs.

Arcade Antics [By RndStrngr]


A series of arcade mini-game puzzles that are endlessly creative, with awesome decorations keeping this retro style plenty of visual appeal. There’s even a fully-functional pinball table for Mario to bounce around in!

Sanctuary of the Peaceful Bombs [By Otters]


Mario gets to be the aggressor this time. This level, set in an opulent coin temple, features mini-puzzles where Mario must detonate explosive bob-bombs. At the end, you’ll have to climb a giant tower and ride a huge thwomp through the floor. It’s one of the nicest looking levels I’ve seen.

Mobile Artillery [By Sam Faust]


A very clever (and challenging) gimmick — cannons on clouds! Four cannons slide around the level, randomly shooting cannonballs up. You’ll have to use the cannonballs to jump over tricky spike pitfalls or reach new heights.

Haunted Heights [By SiftRock]


A straightforward and fun Haunted House — no jumpscares or annoying mazes here. Instead, you’ll have an open-ended level with multiple choices, including a bunch of clear pipes with multiple routes down to the exit.

Mario Mining Company Interview [By Lugaloco]


Become a miner in this story level focused entirely on the Builder Suit. You’ll have to use this limitless power-up (given from strategically placed pipe dispensers) to climb ledges, throw boxes, and navigate spikey piranha plant platforms.

Perilous Pipes [By TehLobster]


Short and sweet, this map challenges with tricky seesaw platforms and flying Goombas, but the colorful pipe aesthetic sets it apart.

Thwomp Tromp [By JazzmanZ]


And extremely fun level with a totally clever gimmick — here, you’ll have to use Thwomps as platforms, dodging and tricking them to clear each obstacle. It’s a load of fun, and easy enough for anyone to complete.

Space Mission: Goomba [By zachhammer]


Take a trip to space in this beautifully decorated level. You’ll ride a spaceship into an asteroid belt, that use a fire-spitting vehicle to navigate to another well-guarded ship. There’s even a silly Mario Maker 1-style boss waiting at the end, but you can totally skip him.

Those are all the best levels we’ve played so far. Check back soon for more amazing levels worth exploring in Super Mario Maker 2!