Harry Potter: Wizards Unite – How To Fix Crashes, Long Load Times & More | Bug Fixes Guide

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is the new augmented-reality game from the creators of Pokémon GO.

It’s also pretty new, so it’s no surprise the game is packed with bugs. Some of the most annoying (and common) glitches lock you out of the game, block you from collecting Portkeys, and other annoying issues. Here, we’re going to try and provide fan-sourced solutions to as many of these bugs as possible.

Some of the most common bugs are crashes, long load times, and failed Portkeys. Sometimes you’ll crash when attempting to register, other times it’s all about the speed of stirring up potions. If you’re struggling with data limits, you can lower the amount of assets that are streamed to your phone with a simple download. Other fixes aren’t so straightforward.

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How To Fix Common Bugs & Crashes |Glitch Guide

Scroll down to find different common bugs, glitches and crashes. We’ll try to provide solutions to help. Some of these bugs may be fixed in future updates, so if you’re still stuck, you might need to wait for Niantic to address the issue. Hopefully soon!

Portkeys Won’t Appear

After opening a portkey, nothing happens. To make sure the game doesn’t lock-up or crash when opening a Portkey, disable AR+ or switch to Battery Saver Mode.

Ministry ID Registration Crash

If you’re experiencing network errors that prevent you from registering a Ministry ID, or if you’re crashing and the app is restarting when you attempt to register, try this temporary fix.

After starting the app, disable GPS on your phone. Wait for a few seconds, then launch the Ministry ID registry. It should finally load. Now you can switch the GPS back on and continue playing.

Game Doesn’t Register My Event Activity

While playing, your daily achievements aren’t being counted in the Daily Achievement Tracker. To fix this, open the Daily Achievement Tracker first — when you start the game, go to it immediately before doing anything else.

The App Is Using Too Much Data / Long Loading Time

To speed up loading time and use less streaming data, you can download all assets with an option in-game.

  • Connect to wifi, then tap on your Suitcase -> Settings -> Advanced -> Download All Assets

The assets are about 3GB.

Stirring Potions Causes The Game To Crash

When stirring up a potion, you can accidentally cause the game to crash if you finish faster than the Master Note negative time bonus. To avoid this crash, just don’t stir too quickly — your potion will also appear in your inventory after you restart.

There are plenty of other bugs, crashes, and errors in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite. We’ll try to add any more we find (and their solutions) in the future.