Harry Potter: Wizards Unite – How To Get The Most Out Of Brilliant Events | Tips & Tricks

The Brilliant Event has begun, and it’s time to search for some Fantastic Flora and Fauna in the magical augmented-reality world of Harry Potter: Wizards Unite. To get you acquainted with this limited-time event, we’re presenting a quick guide with all the information you need to get started. This is all about getting you up-to-speed and letting you know what’s important.

Brilliant Events are limited-time events that will periodically appear — these events offer unique contents, new tasks, a special Registry Page, more Special Assignments specifically targeting the task, and unique ‘Brilliant’ Foundables. Oh, and you can also get Restricted Section books, which are only available during Brilliant Events. Stock up while you can!

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How To Get The Most Out Of Brilliant Events | Tips & Tricks

There are four stages to the ‘Flora and Fauna’ Brilliant Event. It’s possible to complete all the Special Assignments for this Event within a Week, but if you don’t finish them, you’ll lose out on special rewards.

  • Quick Rundown – Brilliant Events:
    • Brilliant Events unlock Special Assignments — completing these assignments will earn you bonus XP and valuable Restricted Section books.
    • The ‘Fantastic Flora & Fauna’ Event begins July 3rd, 2019 and ends July 10th, 2019.
    • You can earn special 7km Portkeys during this event.
    • Unique ‘Brilliant’ Foundables can be found.

The best rewards are for completing Special Assignments found in the new Special Registry page, and discovering Brilliant Foundables. Complete each Special Assignment to earn Restricted Section books.

Many of the special Registry pages will ask you to find ‘High’, ‘Severe’, or ‘Emergency’ foundables in the open world to complete the tasks. To track down different foundables, look for bright beacon lights on your world map.

  • How To Identify Different Foundable Danger Levels:
    • Clear: Medium Threat Level
    • Yellow: High Threat Level
    • Orange: Severe Threat Level
    • Red: Emergency Threat Level

Restricted Section books can be used to improve your profession — so it’s important to use these books wisely. Don’t waste them! Here’s how to earn them.

  • How To Earn Restricted Section Books:
    • Complete ‘Fantastic Flora & Fauna 1/4’: +2 Restricted Section Books
    • Complete ‘Fantastic Flora & Fauna 2/4’: +3 Restricted Section Books
    • Complete ‘Fantastic Flora & Fauna 3/4’: +3 Restricted Section Books
    • Complete ‘Fantastic Flora & Fauna 4/4’: +5 Restricted Section Books

The other valuables you’ll be chasing are ‘Brilliant’ Foundables. There are six unique Foundable types in the game.

  • Where To Find ‘Brilliant’ Foundables:
    • Salamander: Only appears in Brilliant Tasks.
    • Scorched Tree Stump: Only appears in Brilliant Tasks.
    • Buckbeak: Randomly appears in the world.
    • Unicorn: Randomly appears in the world.
    • Young Acromantula: Only appears in a Fortress with a Brilliant Runestone.
    • Snargapuff: Only found in 7km Portkeys.

And that about covers everything you really, really need to know about Brilliant Events. Enjoy your foundables, unique rewards, and Restricted Section books. Just remember to use them wisely, wizards and witches!