Borderlands 2: Commander Lilith DLC – How To Kill Haderax Solo | Raid Cheesing Guide

Inexplicably, there’s a new DLC campaign available for Borderlands 2 — and it isn’t just any expansion, it’s an update that pushes the game closer to Borderlands 3. You’ll see the characters after the events of the main story, and raise your level higher than ever before. The level cap has been raised to 80, and there’s new rainbow-tier loot to collect.

The best possible way to get incredible loot is by defeating the raid boss, and the new raid boss is something special. Haderax, the newest incarnation of Crawmerax, is a giant underground worm that takes a whole lot of time to defeat — and you’ll absolutely need a team if you want to beat him without tricks.

But, there is a way to destroy this monster even if you’re solo. Check out the video above, or scroll down for all the tricks.

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How To Kill Haderax Solo | Raid Cheesing Guide

It is completely possible to defeat Haderax solo — but you’ll need to prepare. First of all, you’ll a Slag weapon. Haderax will heal rapidly at certain points in the fight — if you want to defeat him solo, you need to stop his healing. The only way to do that is to hid Haderax with slag element weapons.

Next, you need to reach our special cheesing spot — that’s an area where Haderax can’t hit you. Look up at the big hole in the wall to the left just as you enter the arena — that’s your goal. Stand under it and wait for Haderax to emerge. When he does, you can ride the wind up and land on the rocky ledge — run into the dark hole, and you can hide here without taking any damage.

Of course, eventually you’ll need ammo. Kill the little guys that spawn below, and when you’re out of bullets, you can drop down and circle the zone for boxes. Take everything you can, ride the wind back up to your perfect hiding spot, and rinse / repeat.

It’s an easy method, and even with insanely powerful weapons, this is a tough fight that’s also brutally long. If you’re not well-equipped, this guy can take over a solid hour of shooting to kill. Just remember, when he gets about half-health, the worm will attempt to heal. Save your slag ammo for this and unload — Haderax can actually heal to full health if you don’t stop his health fast.

Keep going and you can officially enjoy your reward — a dead Haderax and a load of high-end loot.