Borderlands 2: Commander Lilith DLC – How To Find Ghost | Game of Thrones Easter Egg Guide

There’s a new DLC campaign available for Borderlands 2, and while it’s mostly focused on refencing itself this time around, Borderlands can’t help itself. There’s a pretty big Game of Thrones Easter egg to find here. It’s all about Jon Snow’s neglected dog Ghost — and a Valerian Steel blade, even if you don’t get to wield it. Don’t worry, there’s still a reward.

The totally new, and totally free (learn how to download right here) DLC follows the Vault Hunters as they face their greatest threat yet — a monstrous organization called New Pandora that wants to bring down Sanctuary and infect the planet with a strange plant-based organism. It’s up to you to stop the bad guys, save your friends, and meet up with some old friends along the way. There’s a lot of content her

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How To Find Ghost | Game of Thrones Easter Egg Guide

You can find Ghost, the dire wolf Jon Snow is given in the very first episode of Game of Thrones. Fans quickly latched onto Ghost, and have grown increasingly frustrated with his lack of appearances — or maybe it’s all just one big in-joke. Everyone loves seeing Ghost, even if the creators of the show don’t like the SFX cost of putting the big dog onscreen. None of that matters, because Ghost is in the new DLC. Unfortunately, you don’t get to pet him. Here’s how to find him.

To Find Ghost: Begin the mission ‘A Hard Place‘ to infiltrate the crashed Helios Station. You’ll have to traverse an underground tunnel filled with giant worms called The Burrows.

While travelling along the main path near the entrance, look right for a snowy alcove. Get close to the strange sword, then use it and an enemy will appear named Ghost. Sure, it might not look like Ghost, but this is very clearly a reference to Jon Snow’s direwolf from Game of Thrones. There’s another reason you’ll want to seek him out — a special item.

Defeat Ghost, who isn’t particularly tough, and you’ll find a ‘Winter Is Over’ artifact — it gives you +21% incendiary damage to all attacks. Not bad for taking out White Walkers, right?